Thursday, 18 December 2014

Meat district Co. - King St Wharf, Sydney

Nice to meat you. 

That's what it sounds like when I'm busy stuffing my face with the cured meats platter (that's also how I greet that sexy looking piece o steak on the dinner table)

cured meats platter 

Look at the gorgeous selection of cold cuts, how can you say no to it?  My favourite? the wagyu bresola. 

indoor seating

When you got a platter of gorgeous cols cuts its just me and the platter. 

outdoor seating

Want your vitamin D with your meal? sit outside and soak in the beauitful views at the same time 

views + mocktails

What a great way to relax after a long day at work

moelcular cocktails 

They don't only have a great selection of eats, they also do fun things like molecular cocktails! Colourful, sweet and went down way too easily. *stumbles*

compressed grilled watermelon w/ sumac, goat cheese and hazelnuts

I have textural issues so I'm not a fan cooked fruit, the sumac and goat cheese was devoured with the greens though! 

Beet salad w. goat's curd roasted apple, radish, watercress and walnut pesto

Same issue with the roasted apple, whilst very caramel-ly and sweet, the squishy feel to it didn't sit well with me, the walut pesto is quite delicious though. 

grilled corn w/ chilli, lime and truffle parmesan

I love corn. Even more so when it is topped with some lipsmackingly good  truffle parmesan. you may have spotted me crowded around a small table laden with corn that night. yeah.... 

fries w/ truffle salt, truffle parmesan and truffle aioli 

Triple aioli chips. Do i really need to say more? when the waitstaff wanted to take the tiny crispy bits away, Irene got defensive with the chip bowl. crispy exterior, fluffy interior and creamy creamy aioli. heaven. 

crispy onion rings with truffle aioli

This is what every onion ring should be like. crisyp and not greasy, thick cut rigns of sweet onion. I could easily eat a bucket of these. 

super friendly waitstaff 

....who weren't one bit camera-shy!

roasted bone marrow w/ sourdough

Bone marrow is where the real divider is. You either love it or hate it. 
I unfortunately not a fan of the gelatinous mass, maybe because I know it produces our blood cells.... 

beef sliders

I love sliders, its like a tiny burger with less carbs! The patty was delicious but I found the bun a bit dry. 

chicken sliders

The chicken slider was also very tasty. 

twice cooked pork ribs 

twice cooked beef ribs 

I am a sucker for ribs, pork ribs, beef ribs, (lamb ribs too!) there's just something so satisfying about perfectly cooked flesh falling off the bone in a saucy mess. 

truffle burgers

Another round of burgers came round to top things up, truffle burgers no less. what a great way to finish!

250g medallion

And you thought we were done? wrong! we were given another platter laddened with some delicious medallion steak. Juicy and melt in your mouth tender goodness would be an understatement. 

salted caramel popcorn tart

At this point, our buttons were popping off our dresses, but dessert meant the second stomach was activated. 

The salted caramel tart is pretty much tops, buttery pastry, sticky sweet caramel with crunchy popcorn all washed down with vanilla bean ice cream. Mmmm yes!

oreo cheesecake

For those who like a more decadent finish, the oreo cheesecake si creamy and light, just what you need after a protein heavy meal. 

I thoroughly enjoyed the food, drinks and views here. I would love to come back for more ribs and triple truffle chips!

So tell me, what is a must order from a steakhouse? and how do you like your steak? let me know below!

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Milkteaxx was invited to the Meat District Co King St Wharf courtesy of Polkadot PR, opinions however remain her own.

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Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Korean Fried Chicken galore: Sparrows Mill + Red Pepper

Fried chicken, KFC (Korean Fried Chicken) to be exact. 
something no one can say no to ( don't mind if I generalise...). 

KFC also has the potential to damage friendships. 


because we fight over who gets the last piece! 

With the waves of K-Pop influence in the recent years, it is no surprise that Korean cuisine is the talk of the town, so much that Bathurst street even has a street sign that says korea-town!

To make it a more concise post, this read will include both Sparrow's Mill in the city and Red Pepper in Strathfield. 

These 2 popular joints are run by the same people so the menu is quite similar.

First up is City's branch Sparrow's Mill. 

Incredible chicken! must be damn delicious!

Upon sitting down we were told there was no chicken tonight in very broken english. What blasphemy?!?! 

Fortunately this was cleared up by another staff member telling us that there would be a bit of wait on the chicken. 


Entrance to Sparrow's Mill

The entrance to Sparrow's Mill can be easily missed, with the words dominating the bright signage.

the fried chook menu

The menu boasts 12 types of fried chicken, from the original crispy fried chook with spring onion to the snow cheese chook, which is the parmesan powder coated version to the sticky gangjung sauce version.

Spring onion fried chicken 

The first occasion was a catch up with the too cool for school Chocolatesuze. The highly popular spring onion version was ordered along with a few other chooks. 
This is one of the most popular fried chook dishes, the spring onion really does add a level of freshness to the succulent pieces of crunchy chicken. 

Sweet and spicy (Gang jung) fried chicken 

The sweet and spicy was also ordered, whilst messy and stick to eat, this one was probably the most flavoursome. Whatever the Koreans are doing with their fried chicken, please pass on the secret! how can sauce ladened fried chook still be so crispy and crunchy?!?! Beware though, the spiciness really kicks in after a few bites. 


To cut through all the carb-y protein goodness, we also ordered some other dishes, thus a couple of plates of banchan also made heir way to our stomaches.... 

beef bugogi

You really can't go past bulgogi when it is on the menu, thinly sliced succulent pieces of marinated beef stir fried with a sweet sauce and veges is the perfect accompaniment to a big bowl of steaming white rice. 


I love japchae, simple as that. there is something so comforting about slippery chewy noodles mixed in with crnchy julienne of vegetables. The only thing I didn't quite like about this dish was the lack of seasoning and the thick cut cabbage bits.  

You think that's all I have for you guys? WRONG!
If you haven't had enough, read on for more fried chook as we venture inner west. 

If you think the city branch is confusing, wait till you get to Red Pepper, this little gem is hidden within the Strathfield tennis club complex. Wander through the complex where those healthy peeps playing tennis (that guilt trip!) and have your IDs ready to sign into the club, but that is probably as much that is between you (or your stomach) and Korean fried chicken. 

The party we have today is a strong one, between the 6 of us, we ordered nothing but fried chook. That is how we managed to polish of 4 types of KFC. 

Spring onion fried chook

Again the spring onion one is ordered and demolished within seconds flat. 

Wasabi soy fried chook

Next up was the wasabi soy, whilst tasty, this one was easily overshadowed by all the other offerings. (God forbid that I EVER complain about fried chicken!)

hot and spicy gang jung fried chook

The hot and spicy gangjung was also ordered again, the reason for posting again was that I found the Red Pepper branch to be far spicier. 

snow cheese fried chook

This disparity was also noted in the snow cheese as noted by Ms K. But given the amazing deliciousness of the snow cheese,this was easily disregarded. 
How delicious you may ask? for those who have had Sizzler's cheese toast, it is on the same level of deliciousness (probably in terms of artificial-ness too). For those who don't know Sizzler's, think twisties-esque goodness coated onto fried chicken. oh my lordy it's delicious! 

so are you chickened out yet?


The Sparrow's Mill on Urbanspoon

Red Pepper Bistro on Urbanspoon

Look out for more fried chicken goodness coming your way! 
So dear readers, what is your favourite type of fried chicken and where can I find it? 
Let me know below!

Till next time,


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Friday, 12 December 2014

Ippudo, Central Park

Ippudo needs no further introduction, when you hear Ippudo, your mind immediately clicks to steaming bowls of soupy goodness and soft cloud like pork buns, whilst those are Ippudo’s signature dish, they actually have a fairly extensive menu outside of these famed dishes, extensive enough for another branch to sprout up in Central Park. 


The Central Park branch is located in the lower ground forecourt, opposite the delicious bakery Autolyse

Communal seating

Ippudo Central Park is much more petite in size, but they do not shy the décor. The décor here are in shades of striking red, black and white and is more innovative and fun, with cutlery and bowls scaling the walls. 

interiors/ cubicle farms

There is a variety of seating here, from long communal tables to the more personal space seating, resembling a library cubicle (or what I call cubicle farm).

lemon lime bitters                              iced green tea

We started the evening off with a round of drinks, I decide to break my habit of having lemon lime bitters (my +1 took on that duty) and opted for an iced green tea. It was a humid day so this provided the refreshment we needed.

After much debate (or a good 10 minutes of bickering), we decided on 2 dishes from their mains and sides menu.

seared salmon sushi 

First up was the seared salmon sushi. If you have been following the blog long enough, you will know how deeply in love I am with salmon. (Don’t get me started, or I’ll talk about my love of salmon till the cows come home) These gorgeous little seared salmon sushi bites were very moreish and the addition of the mentai mayo gave it a nice creamy salty kick. Delicious.

nikumiso tofu salad

The second dish we ordered was the nikumiso tofu salad. This salad consists of a specially blended mix of mince and miso topped with cubes of silky tofu, I am a massive tofu fan, so to change things up a bit, this was ordered instead of the salmon salad. (The smoked salmon salad sounded quite divine!). I did however find the mince paste to be too salty. The goma dressing on the salad greens though, whoa, heavenly! If only my daily salads was that tasty.

miso tonkotsu special 

Ramen is the ultimate comfort food for me, so if you ever visit a specialty ramen place and not order ramen ( yes you Simmy!) then I may to unfriend you.

I love tonkotsu ramen, there is something so alluring about pork bones cooking for many hours to create an aromatic collagen rich broth. Mm yessss!

As such, the miso toknkotsu special has devoured. Whilst the soup here isn’t as intense as gumshara or yasaka (post to come!), it satisfied my cravings for something rich and warm and if you ask me, I’m definitely ramen > rice. (what kind of Chinese am I?!?!)

                                                              Akamaru special

egg porn!

In my previous visit, I tried the akamaru special but it features again today because the chilli bomb is the bomb-diggity (I can’t do a post without being lame!). Spicy foods rank pretyy high on my list of eats so if there is a spicy version, I’m definitely getting it! I loved how much of a difference the chilli bomb makes, take the ramen to a whole new level and adding some oomph to the pork belly and egg!

Extra toppings

We were also given a plate of extra toppings each,  I gladly polished off all the pork belly and bamboo shoots but was too stuffed to finish the rest.

To give you an indication fo how stuffed we were, we had to take a long detour around the block before walking back to town hall, but I tell ya, it was worth that “I’ve eaten so much, I hate myself” feeling.

Keen to check out more? watch the (cue advertisement) video below to see some mouthwatering action at Ippudo.


Ippudo Central Park on Urbanspoon

You can also read  my other Ipuddo branch in Westfield post here, and if that still isn't enough ramen for you, check out my battle of the ramen series here!

Milkteaxx was invited to dinner at Ippudo Central Park courtesy of SD marketing, opinions however remain milkteaxx's own.


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Monday, 8 December 2014

[recipe] speedy easy naan bread- versatile and delicious!

"on the 8th day of Christmas....."


Please excuse my mini virtual meltdown. 
I have no idea where my year has gone *hyperventilates* and that I am almost another year older (or wiser, as I like to say) 

It is indeed very true that as you get wiser, time just flies by, and everything blurs as well as your makeup primer blurs pores. This is also why I haven't done a recipe post in so long. *segue*

So while festive December is well underway, i might as well present you with a easy entertainer recipe, speedy easy naan bread!

This recipe is versatile, you can use it as a wrap, serve it with dips, turn it into a DIY-stand... options are endless! 

For me, naan bread is a tasty change up from sliced bread and salads. 

I try to eat healthy most days (ahem) , lunch is generally a tuna salad with a bunch of greens but once in a while, I do crave something more substantial. This is where the naan bread comes in handy. 

I generally make a triple batch and store them in the freezer (very freezer and thaw-friendly).

"Clean out the fridge" naan wrap


450g bread flour 
7g dried yeast
1 tsp salt
1 tsp sugar
185ml water
90g greek yoghurt
2 tbsp oil
30g melted butter
sesame seeds, toasted (optional) 


1. combine flour, yeast, salt and sugar in a bowl. Mix in water, yoghurt and oil. Knead dough using stand mixer for 4 minutes or until smooth. 
2. set dough aside, covered with cling wrap and set it aside to rest for approximately an hour or until it has doubled in size.

Pan frying the naan

3. once resting period is over, generously flour a surface and divide into 6 equal portions and roll out into a flat circle. 

4. preheat a frying pan and brush with melted butter and sprinkle with sesame seeds (option)

5. place dough in pan and fry until puffy and has scorch marks. 

scorch marks

6. brush with a bit more melted butter and serve warm.

7. repeat with remaining dough.

"its so fluffy I can die!"

I love fresh warm fluffy naan bread, so when a fresh batch was made, I had one immediately as a wrap. What goes in my wrap generally depends on what I've made throughout the week and what else is in the fridge. 

caramelised onions in progress

I have a soft spot for caramelised onions, so I we have steak, we always have a mini mountain of caramelised onions present. 

"Oh hello there beautiful!"

This time round, the naan was piled with steak, mozarella, cheese, wilted garlicky spinach, caramelised onion, spread of pesto and baked pumpkin.
Think steak sandwich, on crack. 
yeah,  to die for tasty. 

The options for naan bread is endless, you can top it with fresh lettuces and some BBQ pulled pork, or cut it up into strips and dip into pesto or other homemade dips. 

Do give this recipe a go, and let me know what you think!

so dear readers, tell me what you like in your wraps? let me know below! 

Till next time,


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