Monday, 30 November 2015

Since I Left You, Sydney CBD

Named after the Avalanche's song, Since I Left You is not new to Sydney's small bar scene. Nestled on the quiet Kent St, this is the perfect place for a couple of drinks and some delicious snacks. 

Their bar is made up of 3 main sections,  a cosy inside area and a slightly gothic laneway area, but the heavyweight lies in their courtyard, a mural by the famous street artist Fintan Magee. His recent mural, The Torch Carrier is the new addition to their courtyard, coming in a 18 metres tall, adding much vibe to this already funky bar. 

Nick's famous guacamole w/ corn chips

The food menu here is quite substantial, being the cheap drunk I am, some food was needed to keep me from dropping after a few sips. 

We start with some of Nick's famous guac and corn chips, the guac isn't your usual tomato, onion and other condiments but it was so flavoursome and moreish, I kept reaching for more!

Now that I have something in the stomach, it is safe to proceed to the drinks. I personally don't know much about drinks as I'm a cider or as the seasoned drinkers call it "sugar water" girl. Although I have progressed from half a cider to a full cider (yes!) I am still rather lightweight. 

The torch carrier

Named after their new mural, the torch carrier is one of the featured drinks of their new menu. This one was quite fragrant with the burning of the euclyptus leaf and is also slightly on the sweet side, perfect for me! 

Don Juan 

The Don Juan was quite deceptive in looks, looking very refreshing and fresh, this was quite a punch to the face. 

A little grace 

I loved the look of a little grace, and with the promise of sour apple I was quite sold. I may have hogged this one over the course of the evening..... 

Stop, hammer thyme 

I by this stage could not possibly drink anymore, that is why I bring people who can drink with me. I was told that this was quite easy to go down and the fresh rosemary gave it a nice kick. 

The flight path 

Last but not least, we also sampled the flight path. I personally found this one too strong form y liking, I sniffed it and was knocked back in my seat (weak, I know!) The drinker however loved it and declared it the favourite of the evening. 

Now back to something I am more familiar with, food! oh yes food! 
By this stage, I was quite red and had had more than my fair share of alcohol. I was definitely ready for more food to soak it up. 

SILY also has their signature bruschetta which change regularly to keep an element of surprise. The kitchen kindly brought us 2 of their favourites to try. 

wagyu bresola bruschetta 

We sampled the wagyu bresola bruschetta first and flavours in this was quite intense, this was quite enjoyable and the freshness of the ingredients definitely shone through. 

pickled octopus bruschetta 

The ocotpus was so tender that for a second I thought I was eating chicken! 
This bruchetta would be my pick if I had to choose! 

If you are after something more substantial, they also have a range of toasties. 

Pulled pork cheese toastie 

I grew up eating toasties so these definitely brought back some good memories. The pork was so juicy and tender that it was sliding out of the toastie, and ith a substantial amount of cheese, there is nothing I can fault about this. 

Spicy slaw 

The toastie came with a side of spicy slaw which I didn't sample as I have issues with so much raw cabbage. But I was told that this slaw was out of the world amazing, so if you're a coleslaw fan, then this is for you. 

Overall, this small bar has some nice vibes and is perfect for relaxing after a day at work or shopping as it is not too busy or loud, drinks however are on the strong side so for those who are lightweight like me, proceed with caution. (p.s. I will work on my drinking this year!)

Till next post,

Since I Left You Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Milkteaxx a dined as guests of Since I Left You Bar, opinions however remain her own.

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Wednesday, 25 November 2015

7th annual Sydney Food Bloggers Xmas party 2015

Hello! (From the other sideeeeee)
Sorry if I've been a bit MIA, it is officially summer school season and I've been inundated with uni and work. 
Although it has been crazy busy, i still managed to block off half a day for the cannot be missed 7th annual Sydney Food Bloggers Xmas party.

This year the party was held at Studio Neon in Redfern, no more fears of the rain gods bucketing down or heatwaves causing dehydration. 

This warehouse-esque space is decked out with some funky props. A lovely place indeed, I'm sure everyone had a go at the bubble chairs (whatever they are called!), I of course was in charge of spinning people! 

Oh hai Food Diary! hope you didn't puke :D

Ok, now to the most important thing, the food! 

This year's feature is the famous smash cake!
chocolate and candy hidden inside a chocolate shell! so much sugar. woo!

check out the fabulous ChocolateSuze smashing it! use them biceps!

 As usual, there was a spread of good food, I slacked off this year and bought some palmiers (which i forgot to take a picture of!) as I barely had time to feed myself! But fear not, there was so much deliciousness and homemade goodness, we all left rolling down the stairs!

Some highlights included the famous Ramen Raff's miso butterscotch macarons, these are so damn amazing, I could easily polish off a dozen! To those who missed out, gotta be quick next year! 

there was also homemade pocky!

Still hungry? then feast on!

but when you got 70 food bloggers in the same room, of course cameras gotta eat first!
Check out the food bloggers in action!

and last but not least, the obligatory group photo! (photo credit to Ramen Raff.)

Are we missing something you ask?

what is SFB picnic without a round of evil Kris Kringle? The stealing wasn't as intense this year......

photo credit: Frostickle, (Why do I look so yellow?!?!)

So I initiated the present stealing but alas karma comes back and gets you, so my beloved spiraliser got stolen back off me! but nevertheless it heaps of fun!
Yes, I look so sad in the above picture :P

As usual, the SFB gang made it heaps awesome, it was really nice to finally put some faces to names, no more "Hey!, you're @ *insert social media handle*

And of course, massive thanks to Helen and Suze for organising yet another fabulous x-mas party, can't wait for next year's one already! Woo!

Till next post,

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Friday, 6 November 2015

Simmer Huang, Chatswood Interchange.

Hot pot is a really general term in Chinese cuisine, it differs by region and even between families! 

In my family, hot pot or steamboat refers to cooking on the go, a variety of meat balls and veges cooked in a soup base of your choice and eaten with condiments such as shallots and soy sauce for a simple basic version or an all out version which can feature up to 5-6 types of sauces! 

Here at Simmer Huang though, the concept of hot pot is more diverse, asides the soup base version, they also have much more meatier versions where you choose a protein or seafood (PORK BELLY!) and sauce and a pot full of seasoned veges and meat of choice is cooked in front of you on the built in induction at the table. 


The fancy up do of Chatswood Interchange is kept here in SimmerHuang, I love the airy clean space with the bold red design!

 shallot pancakes

We start the evening with some shallot pancakes, they are crispy and flakey, but i prefer an abundance of shalllots on mine for added flavour.

cold appetizer- black fungus

We also tried the cold black fungus dish, yes it is called black fungus, I prefer to tell people I am eating wood-ear instead so it sounds less disgusting. 
This dish is tangy and still retains the nice bite the wood ear should have, I however found the onions too raw for my liking. 

Dr Huang 

This outlet of Simmer Huang is also the first one with a cocktail bar. I may be a cheap drunk, but who am I to pass up an offer for a drink? The one above is Dr Huang, one of their signature cocktails. It is a play on a Chinese herbal drink called huang lao ji. I thoroughly enjoyed this one as it wasn't too overpowering and was quite sweet and refreshing with the food. I know declare this is my preferred way to drink anything herbal!

Shanghai night

We also had the shanghai night. 
I didn't enjoy this one as much as it was a lot stronger and I may had already had too much of the previous one :P I do however love the goji berries floating on top! 

Now on to the star of the evening! 

A little birdie told me Alvin Quah of ex-Masterchef was working with Simmer Huang on some new dishes including one that involved pork belly. *YES, PORK BELLY!* 
(excuse my excitement!!!) given the fact that pork belly was involved, I knew I had to get feasting on such gem, so when Wasamedia asked if I'd like to go check it out, of course I said yes! 

the vegetable base

mixing in the sauce 

Pork belly hot pot - complete

Look at the glistening gelatinous pieces of pork belly, how can you say no to this?!?!
The flavours in the pot is incredible, quite rich but oh so delicious. Would be perfect with some rice!

We also sampled a couple of other dishes.

Duck Salad

Also part of Alvin's menu is the duck salad, a nice contrast in flavours and textures but could do with more duck shreds.

 Wasabi beef buns

The wasabi beef buns were quite nice too, pillowy soft bun and a nice hint of wasabi for a little kick.

 Handmade noodles

To end the evening, we were treated to some serious noodle twirling action, these handmade noodles were then placed in a heavily reduced pork belly goodness to soak up all the flavours before slurping up. YUM is all I can say!

Overall, a fabulous place to dine, the cocktails are innovative and amazing, I'd come back for that one alone!

Till next time, 

Simmer Huang Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 

Milkteaxx and guest dined at Simmer Huang  courtesy of  Wasamedia, opinions however remain her own.
Photos by Maikeru Nirvana unless otherwise stated. 

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Monday, 26 October 2015

Ume Restaurant, Surry Hills

Japanese is one of the cuisines I'll probably never get sick of, there is so much emphasis on freshness, quality and presentation, even at the most casual of places, you will get some wonderfully presented and cooked foods. 

Japanese is also a popular cuisine when it comes to fusions, maybe its the versatility in the ingredients, but possibilities are really endless. So when a dear friend announced her birthday dinner was going to be at Ume Restaurant in Surry Hills, excitement, expectation and high hopes were made. 

House made silken tofu

Options for dining here are 5,7 or 9 courses, this evening we opted for the 5 courses as we had plans for a dessert run (the only type of running I do :P ) after. 

The first dish we were given was their house made silken tofu, topped with bonito in a light dashi broth. Light and clean in flavour and tofu didn't disappoint in silky smoothness either.

Cured kingfish sashimi, shiro ponzu, black sesame, yuzu kosho

It is no secret that I love my kingfish sashimi. The citrusy cured kingfish here did not disappoint at all. The black sesame sauce added a extra dimension to it, I even "offered" to help the others on the table with their serves! 

9+ wagyu sukiyaki- David Blackmore wagyu, local asparagus, onsen tamago, soy and mirin reduction

I have a soft spot for sukiyaki, it has that comforting feel of home-cooked goodness.
The sukiyaki was the standout dish of the evening for me, perfectly tender slices of wagyu in a soy and mirin reduction, but what stole my heart was the gooey onsen tamago and the grilled asparagus.
words won't be enough to describe it, just admire that egg porn.

Shiki no salad

Next up was the grilled seasonal vegetables. Look how pretty it is! The flavours were simple but sharp on the palate, not everyone's cup of tea but I was quite surprised that vegetables could be made so well!

Vanilla pumpkin rice pudding w/ honeycomb & candied apple

Last but not least, dessert was served. I am normally a big fan of dessert and pumpkin but I have issues with rice pudding, don't get me wrong, I love congee and oats but the sweetness of soft cooked rice just doesn't do it for me.
Unfortunately this just didn't float my boat and i left most of it behind, it didn't help that there was a big chunk of honeycomb in the centre which got lodged in my teeth. The candied apple was however quite nice.

Overall, Ume is a nice venue for a quiet dinner and some unique Japanese fusion dishes, but it is definitely on the pricer end as we left still quite hungry. 

So guys, are there food you don't eat because of a certain texture? For me, it is anything too mushy or slimy (i.e oysters). Let me know in the comments below!

Till next post! 


Ume Japanese Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 

Photos by Maikeru Nirvana unless otherwise stated. 
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Monday, 12 October 2015

Textbook Boulangerie- Patisserie, Alexandria

I have many weaknesses ( no I'm not blogging about job interview tactics today, sorry!) 
and cakes are definitely one of them. 

The way to my heart? 

Bribe me? (hint hint)

whatever. cake me. 

Apple crumble: poached cinnamon apple, apple custard mousse, speculaas crumble, dulcey chocolate bavarois, pain de genes

Talking about cake, (did we even talk about anything else?), let me tell you about my favourite and Textbook's signature apple crumble cake.

This cake is what dreams are made of. that glistening apple custard mousse encases the most wonderful of cakes (imho), think slight tang from the apple, sweetness from the other components and texture from that crumble.

Can totally see why this is their signature!

Lemon meringue with raspberry compote: lemon curd, raspberry compote, swiss meringue, vanilla sable breton 

One of my long time favourite desserts are lemon meringue pies. why you ask?
Well, who doesn't like the best of both worlds? tangy lemons and the silky smoothness and sweetness from the meringue. Textbook's version did not disappoint, in fact, this one had my parents fighting over the last spoonful!

Caramelised pear and roasted walnut: white chocolate bavarois, caramelised pear, chocolate sable breton roasted walnut crumble

I have taken a liking for pears in my desserts recently, be it pear tarts, poached pears, yep bring it this way! So when I spied this caramelised pear and roasted walnut, i knew i had to try it.
This cake isn't bad perse but it was definitely outshone by the 2 above for having a less exciting taste profile.

Chocolate, raspberry and hazelnut: chocolate pain de genes, hazelnut crunch, raspberry cremeux, chocolate mousse (top left)

The one that surprised me and my parents was the chocolate, raspberry and hazelnut. I was expecting a strong hit and intense sweetness but instead I was greeted with a very well balanced piece of cake. The raspberry definitely added another layer to the flavour and texture. Big thumbs up for this one from me!

Vanilla, strawberry & mint: vanilla bavarois, strawberry mint jelly, strawberry cremeux, almond dacquoise

Last but not least, (yes there was a lot of cake!) I was mesmerised by the appearance of this one so I decided it should go home with me too. Again, I expected the white chocolate to be very sweet but I was wrong once again, I loved the wonderful gentle flavours of this cake and how the flavour of the strawberries shone through nicely. 

Beef brisket pie 

And here is a potato. sorry I mean a beef brisket pie. The pies at textbooks aren't bad but they aren't anything worth writing home about with exception about the buttery pastry. 

Overall, cake is definitely their forte, eat savoury if you must but cakes area definite! 

So guys, what has been the most memorable cake you've had to date? Let me know in the comments below! 

Till next time,


Textbook Boulangerie-Patisserie Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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