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Three Williams Redfern (II)-the Spring menu!

Hello Spring! so nice of you to finally make an appearance! 

What's not to love about spring? 
gorgeous weather, pretty flowers and of course,  new spring menus!

Three Williams doesn't normally trade nights but with obtaining a liquor licence in the talks, they could very soon be doing special events at night. exciting much?!?

Before that happens, we will need to satiate ourselves on the brand new spring menu. A twist on old favourites and completely new dishes were sampled that night and of course we left stuffed so I was rather surprised that I was able to run for the train!

Super Smoothie: kale, apricot, apple, LSA, banana, ginger and cinnamon. 

With spring well and truly in the air (ah-choo!), we began our night of feasting with a super smoothie, not a fan of greens in your smoothie? don't worry, this smoothie is packed with all the good stuff and also tastes delicious with just the right amount of sweetness from the apple and a bit of a kick from the ginger and cinnamon. 

Night time Three Williams 

The kitchen

crispy school prawns

The first food item that lands in front of our grumbling stomachs were the crispy school prawns. You really can't go wrong with crispy school prawns, perfectly seasoned, crunchy prawn and a a creamy aioli makes this unbelievably moreish. And eat the prawn head too, that's the delicious part. 

house made soda- raspberry and lime 

I'm all for homemade lemonade, so this housemade raspberry and lime soda was right up my alley. Tangy, zingy and just the right amount of sweet meant I refilled my glass throughout the night. Mmmm! 

Narnie: Roast duck with pear, rocket, apple balsamic and aioli

Moving on to the star items. you guessed it, narnies! The guys at Three Williams have added 2 new narnies to their menu, and what can I say? both of them sound utterly amazing so I almost launched myself face first into them. true story.

first up is the roast duck narnie. Forget the chinese BBQ roast duck with the glorious crisp skin, this narnie is filled with herb rubbed duck roasted till melt in your mouth tender. The pear and rocket gives it a fresh kick and the apple balsamic a slight tang. I could of easily polished off the whole narnie myself.

Narnie: wild mushrooms, baby spinach, trufle balsamic, stracchino cheese sauce and parmesan. 

Wow. simply wow.
This mushroom narnie is out of the world delicious. The room was filled with the fragrance of truffles as this graced our table. the mushrooms were perfectly seasoned and the cheese sauce gave it a delicious creamy touch. I also didn't what to share this!

Grilled Atlantic octopus salad

Spring means refreshing salads are back on the radar. The grilled octopus salad is a mix of perfectly chewy octopus paired with buttery bitter savoy cabbage , radish and hazelnuts for a crunch whilst the jalepeno dressing, chilli and preserved lemons give it a gentle kick. Quite nicely done in my books! if only my salad lunches are as interesting as this.....  

salad of organic tofu, charred broccolini, roasted almonds, japanese seaweed and fresh peas .

The tofu salad was perhaps the only let down of the evening. Don't get me wrong, I love broccolini and japanese seaweed but unfortunately this dish didn't really work for me, it was a weird mix of textures and flavours and was a tad on the bland side. but hey, bikini body anyone? this is the salad for you!

                                                                Triple cooked chips 

Some things are worth going to the gym for, and Three Williams triple cooked chips rate pretty high on the list. the thrice cooked method means it is perfectly blistered by the hot oil and insanely crunchy even when cold. The aioli? brilliant stuff, brings the chips to a whole new level. Brb gym. 

Slow roasted free range pork loin w. caramelised apple puree, cherry tomato and black pudding. 

And it is finally time that we moved on to the mains! By this stage I was already pretty full but for the blog's sake, I had to man it up and forge on! The things I do for you guys! ;)

To say the pork loin was decadent would be an understatement. The pork was fatty and juicy whilst the black pudding gave it the complete opposite, crispy exterior and soft interiors, what bought it together was definitely the apple puree, tangy and sweet. Pork and apples are meant to be. 

Rangers valley 7+ wagyu minute steak w/ red wine butter and chips

I love a good piece of steak but without a good kitchen at home, my steaks generally don't have that nice char mark steaks should have. but dilemma solved, I can just come to Three Williams for my fix now. The wagyu does not disappoint, amazingly tender and flavoursome. I,  however wasn't a big fan of the red wine butter, it felt a bit too heavy for steak that was served with chips, maybe some greens would help cut through the richness. 

Pan seared market fish with pea puree, broad beans and snow pea tendrils.

The Last and my favourite dish of the night was the pan seared dory, perfectly seared fish and pea puree with a generous squeeze of lemon were consumed in a flash. A fresh healthy and delicious dish indeed. 

Crunchy brioche french toast with caramel bananas, hazelnuts and Belgian chocolate.

"What are you all waiting for?" I love it when the above is said in the context of food. 

The verdict? 

 It was so good it deserved 2 pictures. *insert heavy breathing*

The crunchy French toast exterior houses insanely soft buttery innards, add soft caramelised pieces of bananas for sweetness and texture and hazelnuts for crunch then you've just scored yourself an amazing dessert. Oh don't forget the dollop of Belgian chocolate! the dark Belgian chocolate gives it a nice contrast and brings this dish to a nice finish. Blissful spoonfuls  were devoured!

So tell me, do you like to finish off a night out with a decadent dessert? if so, what is your go to?

Want to read more? You can read my other Three Williams ramblings here or keep up to date with them via social media.

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Milkteaxx attended Three Williams Spring menu launch courtesy of Wasamedia, opinions however remain her own. 

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Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Cho Cho San, Potts Point

There is a saying in Chinese that says "eating alone makes getting fat impossible" (獨吃難肥).
Unfortunately them sarcastic Chinese don't mean that literally, the saying translates to eating alone/not sharing means even the best of food won't taste good. 
Which is why a bunch of Asian Sydney food bloggers were found at Cho Cho San, Potts Point. 

the entrance- easily missed 

 Dining in a group has major its major perks, the most important one is being able to sample the menu quite concisely and the ability to order a fantastic dish again. Yes we are looking at you Miso eggplant! 

where food become celebrities 

Cho Cho San is not your average Japanese restaurant, far from it in fact. Cho Cho San is Restauratuers Sam Christie and Jonathan Bathelmess's creative interpretation of the Tokyo izakaya, their way of sharing their love for the buzz of Japanese food culture. 

The menu 

You know you are in for a treat when Cho Cho San obtains a chef's hat in the short time it has opened. That's no surprise given the Cho Cho San kitchen is lead by well versed Chef Nicholas Wong (ex Kylie Kwong, Rockpool, Bodega and Ester.). The menu is ever-changing to reflect seasonal produces whilst keeping to the Japanese philosophy of simple cooking techniques such as hibachi grilling and steaming. 

Such simplicity is reflected in the space Cho Cho San resides in. There is no lanterns and calligraphy in sight, the interior sports minimal aesthetics with warm lighting emitting from the walls, giving it a warm and inviting ambience. 

inside Cho Cho San

The food. Oh where do I start? to say everything was brilliant would be an understatement.

Beef tataki, wild rice, ginger dressing 

First up is the beef tataki.  As much as I love my sashimi,  I am generally not a fan of beef tataki but boy did this version blow me away! The thin slices are well marbled beef pairs wonderfully with the textural puffed wild rice whilst the ginger dressing gives it just the right amount of tang. It was so good that I could of easily eaten the entire serve by myself, but alas, enjoyment of food meant sharing ;) 

Petuna ocean trout, black pepper, wasabi

Also from the raw bar was the ocean trout. Luscious fatty slices of trout coated in a flavoursome sauce of black pepper and wasabi was absolutely heavenly. This would be a pretty hard dish to top in my books. 

   Hokkaido scallops, corn, house-cured katsuobushi 

Did I just say that the trout was a hard to top? How wrong could I be? Scallops are an all time favourite of mine, thus high expectations were had for this dish and boy did they deliver! Plump firm scallops with a slightly sweet corn puree provided a great contrast to the house-cured katsuobushi, this was my favourite dish of the day.  Everything about this dish was amazing, I swiped the plate clean. If I was given this in the comfort of my own home, I would have licked the plate.
yeah, that good. 

Fried chicken 

Fried chicken was on the menu, it would be a no brainer to not order it right? In fact we ordered this twice. because fried chicken. Whilst tasty, I prefer my fried chicken to have a bit more crunch in the batter. 

Fried eggplant miso 

Eggplant, another favourite of mine, and when your favourite food gets deep-fried, you know it will be nothing short of scrumptious. the crispy exterior gives way to a soft creamy centre whilst the miso gives it the savoury hit. simply exquisite. 

Silken tofu in tomato dashi 

"Make a flower with the tofu" A sentence like that would only make sense among food bloggers right? 

The tofu is a deceiving dish, rather simple by name and looks but boy does the tomato dashi pack a punch!  The smoothness and coolness of the tofu pairs well with the intense umami of the dashi. 

Pumpkin tempura 

The pumpkin tempura was probably the only let down of the day, whilst it had a really crispy exterior, it didn't have the tempura batter wasn't as light nor did the pumpkin have the right bite to it. Nothing the dipping sauce couldn't save though. 

                                                    King crab omelette, Japanese curry

As for the dish that has everybody talking? The king crab omelette. Generous slivers of fresh crab mixed in with satisfyingly crunchy and runny gooey egg topped with a Japanese curry sauce makes this dish a winner. This would be a perfect accompaniment to a bowl of rice. (And I don't even like rice)

                                                            Udon noodles, pork, chilli 

Udon is the ultimate comfort food for me, it contains precious childhood memories of udon slurping competitions with my cousins and endless moments of  priceless fun. This udon dish bought those memories right back.The udon was perfectly cooked and paired with a gorgeous runny egg and a spicy mix of pork and shiitake . I don't think I could fault any part of this dish! 

                                                                 Calamari, lime ponzu  

I have yet to master my calarmari cooking, on the rare occasions I have  attempted it, it has either resembled the spare tyre of my car or  something even my neighbour's dog won't go near.

The calamari here is a different story though, tender and perfectly cooked with just the right bite to it, the lime ponzu gave it a nice citrusy tang . Very enjoyable!

                                                  Miso cod, celery, ginger 

Move over sashimi, miso cod is the new star in Japanese restaurants. 
The cod here has a nice sticky caramelisation on the outside and the soft flesh fell apart with a gentle poke of the fork. The only downside was the portion was a bit small for the price and we were all left wanting more. 

Soy glazed wagyu beef

Also from the hibachi grill was the soy glazed wagyu beef. Trust me when I tell you this was out of the world! The texture and flavour were spot on, an almighty balance between the sweet and savoury tones in the sauce. I enjoyed it just as much without the condiments it came with. 

As a bunch of food bloggers, how could we ever leave a premises without dessert? Never underestimate the lengths we go to for desserts. Ever. 

Cho Cho Snow 

We had seen a gazillion snaps of the cho cho snow all over social media and being a big group it was a no-brainer to not try it. In fact we ordered 2 for good measure.
The Cho Cho Snow is a play on shaved ice, containing dollops of custard apple and a mild ginger syrup. This dish divided the group, whilst I thought it was quite nice, many didn't enjoy the contrasting flavour and textures.

Steamed yuzu pudding 

There were only 3 desserts to choose from so we also ended up with 2 serves of the steamed yuzu pudding. I personally didn't enjoy this as much, it resembled the classic lemon delicious which I am not a big fan of. The other issue I had was the sour cream, it was there more for texture than flavour but I didn't like the clogginess the sour cream with an already dense dessert. 

Banana soft-serve, cone, peanut, caramel 

And of course the best was saved for last. Whilst everyone had been looking forward to this, I was a bit skeptical as ripe bananas and I aren't exactly friends, but for the blog's sake (yes yes) I tried it and guess what? I loved it, the cone had none of the overly ripe banana smell that I hated whilst the caramel and nut was a lovely contrast to the smooth soft-serve. 
The cone definitely won the dessert race but at $7 a pop, it is definitely on the pricier side.
Overall, a fantastic meal at Cho Cho San was had, the good company we had was priceless. I will definitely be back as their menu changes, of course with an entourage of hungry humans!

It is highly recommended that you come as a group so you can sample more of the menu, otherwise the degustation menu is also a good choice.

To find out more, check out their website or follow them on social media

So tell me, what is your favourite dish at a Japanese restaurant? do you like different takes on a traditional dish?

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Thursday, 18 September 2014

Autolyse, central Park.

Autolyse.  Not only is it a crucial part of artisan bread making, it is also one of the newest bakeries in Sydney.   

Autolyse  hails from the fame of it's Canberra store, which is already locals favourite. In the world of bread-making, it means an extra rest period for a dough to ensure optimum moisture and texture.

Autolyse has recently opened their Sydney branch in the Central Park complex. I am insanely jealous of them as this place is pretty much foodie heaven with a plethora of good eateries in and around it. So if i ever win the lottery, I'll totally buy something there. 


With the plethora of eateris and bakeries opening up in Sydney, how is Autolyse different to all the Artisan Bakers in Sydney?

Autolyse not only produces fresh bread in-house throughout the day (instead of at the crack of dawn) using the full range of Bongard specialist baking equipment (imported directly from France), they also create a lot of their French inspired menu items fresh in-house too, such as their gravlax salmon and sous-vide lamb. It therefore is no surprise that they've won a fair few awards!

My favourite part of Autolyse asides the alluring fresh bread? Well, nothing on the menu here is over $15, because Executive Chef and co-owner Darren Perryman  believes that artisan bread should be available to everyone without the hefty price tag.  Combine that with great coffee (beans by Ona) and the spacious seating, Autolyse is the perfect place for a quality AND budget friendly feed!

L: Executive Chef, Darren Perryman and R: Header Baker, Alex Damour

What tickles my fancy is the set up, it is flooded with natural light from the courtyard, the furnishing is predominently surgical white and beige  with splotches of colours to it. But the best part?,  the surgical lights. (The inner science geek in me was grinning) Alex Damour and his team here bake fresh bread and pastries under surgical lights, definitely a cool theatrical touch!

Surgical lights make an appearance

So what did I get up to in carb heaven? did I gorge myself (that is a given anywhere I go really...) to no end on fresh bread? I sure did!

The sampling plate

I barely made it through the door when a sample plate of that day's produce caught my eyes. I went for a piece of the escargot which was delicately sweet, flaky and delicious

front counter

San Remo Opera

The front counter is busy, there are people queueing up on one side for their take away coffees and Australia's first San Remo Opera coffee machine takes up one bench.

Daily specials wall 

I also love their rustic specials wall and self serve water station. The specials here change daily and reflect what is currently in season.

sweets counter

good bread is as good as a french kiss.

Move over French kiss, good bread is in town! 

dining area

I love a bakery that offers dine in so you can enjoy the aromas of fresh bread and soak in the atmosphere.

pot plant table numbers

The table numbers here are a touch back to nature, lovely idea in my books!

Latte by Ona coffee

Mickey, The manager of Autolyse suggested that we try the coffees even though we weren't coffee drinkers. I can't tell you much about coffee, but this one had a nice aroma, enough to get a tick from me, a coffee amateur!

green tea

The adamant non-coffee drinker opted for green tea instead.

On to the food now!

sous vide lamb sandwich

The menu here is brief and seasonal, it didn't take me long to decide on the sous vide lamb sandwich, although the baked eggs sounded delicious as well. I am glad that I didn't get sways because this lamb sandwich is out of the world! The lamb is amazingly tender after (being cooked 12 hours at 63 degrees). The fresh baguette and tabouli-like salad took it to a whole new level, flavoursome, fresh and crunchy, textures and flavours galore!

The ever so healthy Caramel Love decided on a pumpkin and kale salad instead, don't be turned off by the words salad, this was really tasty and fresh. The pumpkin was roasted to perfection, sweet and creamy whilst the kale gave it the crunch. This salad could totally contribute to the worldwide shortage of kale! 

salted caramel macarons

At this point we declared our savoury stomaches full, but for blogging's sake I had to forge on.
Mickey was very thoughtful and bought a selection of sweets to sample. First up was the salted caramel macarons. The salted caramel buttercream in these babies were amazing, perfect balance of sweet and salty, I however wasn't a big fan of the shell, it felt like was a tad too fresh still. ( Its true that macarons taste better after a few days!)

my... what nice feet you have

They do however have nice feet!

citrus merigue tart

I love all things citrus, especially in the form of a citrus meringue tart. The curd in this was a little too sweet for my liking but the tart case and the meringue were spot on. If only I could create such nice pastry at home too!

chocolate eclair

I am generally not a fan of eclairs because choux doesn't really float my boat. This chocolate eclair however was delicious, the dark chocolate gave it the just right amount of sweetness, perfect  way to finish a savoury meal.

salted caramel chocolate tart

And of course the best was saved for last! You really can't go wrong with salted caramel right? This was hands down the best dessert that meal!

Bongard Oven 

Aftr gorging myself, it was time to take a walk around the place, Darren kindly offered to give us a tour around the place. Autolyse is the first Australian bakery to use the full range Bongard baking equipment.It is all directly imported from France and is said to create the most magical loaves of bread amongst other delicious baked goods. It even has a steam option to humidify the oven before baking, creating the best proving environment for the dough.  

Darren showing us how to steam the oven

fresh baguettes straight from the oven

Alex hard at work

Unlike most bakeries, Alex and his team bakes throughout the day, meaning it constantly smells delicious in here! (are you guys hiring?)

living proof that bread is made on-site ;)

Time for some lame jokes. I'm totally breaking bread!

sourdough starter

Their starter may not be as old as some other bakeries around, but their bread is equally delicious if not better!

A selection of artisan loaves straight from the oven.

So tell me,does the smell of fresh bread lure you into a bakery? and/or does the thought of a low carb diet make you want to cry? Let me know in the comments!

Till next time,


Hungry for some delicious carbs? find out more on their webpage and social media!

Disclaimer: Milkteaxx dined as guests of Autolyse bakery, opinions however remain her own. 

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