Saturday, 26 July 2014

Winter begone! Azuki Bean & milk popsicles

When cold, eat ice cream.

yep, you read it right.

I have to admit that eat more ice cream and frozen treats during winter than during good old summer time.
weird cos I complain about frozen extremities every 3 seconds but eating ice cold treats in winter is like celebrating the impending summer.

(Have I mentioned how much I LOVE summer yet?)

 And I won't be complaining of being frozen when eating ice cold goodies in winter. At least not when when azuki bean & milk popsicles are involved.

These popsicles are something I grew up eating, they were delicious but unfortunately they weren't homemade and had a bunch of additives, colour and a crazy amount of sugar, so I decided  I would give this a go. Think about it, if I can bake a cake, making popsicles should be easy as!

This recipe is easy as a breeze and flavours are completely adaptable to your taste preference.

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Barilla and my journey with pasta + Good food and Wine show 2014 highlights.

If you have read my previous posts, you know how much I loathe making fresh pasta (have had countless pasta disasters, lets not go there) so when it comes to cooking pasta, dried pasta is my go to simply because it is fuss free, convenient and it can sit in my pantry, ready to go whenever I need it. 

Barilla Pasta has always been the go to brand in my household, it was the brand I picked up when I first cooked pasta 10 odd years ago, till today, you can always find at least one Barilla Pasta product in my pantry.

Barilla Pasta is one of the most well known pasta brands, So there is no surprises there when it is the best pasta you can find in Italy, the home of everything Pasta. (I haven't been to Italy yet, but am definitely making plans for the near future, this will have to do for now!)

Barilla not only has an extensive range of dried pastas but also sauces too.  (Psst their pesto is addictive and all things delicious) 
They are forever expanding (as is my waistline) and now even have a cooking school in Annandale!
You can find their extensive product range, some mouth-watering recipes and read more about their latest adventures on their webpage

I think the people at Barilla knows that I love my carbs and were running low on pasta, because they kindly sent me a lovely hamper of goodies, including my favourite pesto, yum! 

Barilla hamper

So today I share with you guys, 2 of my go-to meat-free dinners, that can be easily made with a few simple ingredients. I work crazy odd hours so when I get home late and want something warm and comforting, I whip up one of these for a quick dinner and keep leftovers for lunch the next day. Both these recipes are quick and easy to whip up and are easily inter-changeable for your favourite pasta swirls and shapes. 

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Battle of the Ramens: Sydney

It has been a while since I've done a "battle of" post.

The last installment was when everyone was still swooning over froyo like it was the hot guy doing chin ups at your local gym.

Seeing that we are well in the depth of Winter (ugh!) I thought it would be more than appropriate to do some heart warming ramen post. 

There is gonna be a lot of noodle slurping, so settle down with a mug of miso soup and read on!

It's no secret that I love ramen (no, not Raymond), springy noodles sitting in a bowl of piping hot broth, delicious soft boiled eggs, slices of porky goodness and various condiments. heart AND soul warming. 
I am no ramen connoisseur but I have had my fair share of ramen. I sincerely apologise if you were one of those humans that I forced to go ramen hunting tasting with me.

1. Hakata- Maru Ramen, Market City

Huddled to the side in the Market city food court, Hakata-Maru is no stranger to the ramen scene in Sydney. It may be in a food court, but it is definite standout amongst all the other eateries, toting a traditional yatai (food cart) shopfront straight out of the streets of Japan.

Monday, 7 July 2014

#Devonbynight Devon Cafe, Surry Hills does dinner.

I may not have been trained to sniff out truffles, but I can tell you where to go if you want truffles with eggs. at night. 

Does a place come to mind already? have you been drooling over the pictures over Instagram? 

did someone just say Devon Cafe? 


Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Sultan's table, Enmore

It's late and you are starving, you find yourself in Enmore, where do you go? 
Those were my exact thoughts when I hit up Sultan's table. 

There are many delicious sounding restaurants along Enmore Road but many are neglected for the plethora of choice on the more lively King St. But sometimes it is good to stray away from the main strip because that's where the local's best kept secrets are. Case in point.


Sunday, 29 June 2014

Mint Pho, Burwood

I didn't want to get out of bed this morning. why?

1. It is Monday
2. my bed was warm 
3.. it was still dark and the wind was howling outside.
4.. I didn't have any breakfast prepared. 

What got me up and out of bed was the promise of a heartwarming pho for dinner. 

Note: if you ever want to motivate (or bribe) me, food is the way to go. 

I love eating out in Burwood as it is centrally located and has always been known for its electic mix of cuisines. You'll be sure to find a cuisine you love, be it Mediterranean or the chock-a-block full, Asian cuisine. 

What there is not a lot of in Burwood though is the good old Vietnamese staple,  pho. 

The good old pho, refreshing in summer and heart warming in winter, how can you go wrong? 
especially when Mint Pho promises wagyu beef pho! (Which I only spied after placing my order).


Monday, 23 June 2014

Candelori's Ristorante e Bar, Smithfield Relaunch Party

Did you know that Italian food is 3rd highest ranked favourite cuisines worldwide? 
Did you also know that you can get a delicious Italian feast outside of Leichhardt and harberfield? 

Well, you sure can at Candelori's at Smithfield, the locals here swear by their authentic Italian fare here.

did someone say mozarella?