Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Los Vida Mexican, Sydney CBD

There has been a burst of mexican (MEHICANNNN) joints in the recent years, from food trucks to established restaurants. It's hard work trying to work my way through all of them but I figured I had to start somewhere right? 

This is how we ended up at Los Vida after a day of wandering the city. 


Elderflower tequila

If you have read my previous posts, you know how much (or how little) alcohol it takes to knock me out. This elderflower tequila smelt wonderful but I only managed one sip without falling off my chair. Yeah #asiangenes

scallop aguachile : scallop, cucumber, red onion jicama and serrano chilli 

We started out evening with a refreshing scallop aguachile, a delicious tangy ceviche on top of the cutest rice crackers. I personally thought the flavours were a bit too overpowering for a delicate seafood like scallop, but nevertheless, it was quite delicious. 

Guacamole w/ totopos: blue and yellow cornchips, taro chips, lime zest, smoked paprika and crispy jalapenos. 

You can’t go to a Mexican restaurant and not have guacamole, especially when you’re ready to marry avocado cos it’s so damn tasty! (Hey, it’s a good fat!) I really enjoyed having the guac with the totopos’s varying textures and flavours, I personally really enjoyed the taro chips.

At the server’s suggestion, we ordered a few tacos to share. Given there were so many and we had such limited stomach space, we asked which ones were the recommended ones.

Mushroom taco: adobo mushroom, chicharrin de queso, peppers and queso fresco w/ chipotle mayo 

I love my mushrooms, I can eat mushrooms day in day out. So when a mushroom taco was spotted I knew I had to order it. Unfortunately this taco didn’t do it for me, the flavours were very mismatching and confusing to the palate. This was unfortunately left behind after a bite each.

Pork taco: pilbi braised pork, caramelised pineapple, habenero and radish w/ pickled onion

The pork taco on the other hand was so moreish, the pulled pork was cooked to perfection, poke of a fork tender and went very well with the tangy and slightly spicy sauce. I however didn’t think the pickled onions were necessary, as they sort of overpowered the flavours in the taco.

Yucatan fish taco: grilled barramundi with yucatan style marinade. smokey rojo sauce, zesty lime cabbage and pineapple salsa. 

The taco that surprised us the most was the Yucatan fish taco. The fish was deliciously soft and the Yucatan marinade left me wanting more. I normally don’t touch cabbage with a 10 ft. pole but the cabbage and pineapple salsa was so delicious!

Chipotle prawn taco: prawns, poblano chilli, refried beans, chipotle sauce and avocado 

If I had to pick a favourite of the night, it would have to be this prawn taco. The prawns and refried beans are a match made in heaven and with the addition of avocado, you just can’t lose!

Grilled corn: corn on cob, corriander, buter, lime and chipotle

We have been on the hunt for some mean grilled corn for a while, even when in Melbourne, we checked out the QV night markets but we were severely disappointed with what we got.
I guess it’s meant to be because we finally found some delicious corn locally (not that I mind flying to Melbourne for food…..)

The corn here had a nice char but the winner was the chipotle sauce and copious amounts of parmesan.

Torta ahogada: "drowned"spicy pibil style shredded pork rolls and refried beans bathed in arbol chilli sauce 

Can you believe we have just hit the more substantial parts of our meal?
I kid you not, this is where we start on the mains.

First up, we have the torta ahogada, shredded pork rolls. The filling in the roll is quite similar to the one in the taco with exception to the sauce, which is a mild sriracha style sauce. The roll was rather difficult to eat as the bun got soggy really quickly so we ended up eating this with our cutlery, leaving most of the bun behind.  

Beef ribs: braised, chipotle glaze, radish and red onion with pickled habenero 

I am a massive fan of ribs, pork ribs, lamb ribs, beef ribs, you name it, I gnaw on it!
My criteria of a good rib is that it has to be saucy and finger lickin’ worthy, the meat falls off the bone and is not sinewy.
This Los Vida rib ticked 2 out of the 3 boxes, being a bit sinewy on one end of the bone.  But definitely up there in terms of a good rib in my books!

Overall, a good experience at Los Vida, with some outstanding tacos, this would be a perfect venue for a couple of casual drinks or a few small bites.

So guys, tell me, what where is the best taco you’ve ever eaten? Let me know in the comments below so I can get my hands on it too! 

Till next time, 

Los Vida Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 

 Milkteaxx and guest dined at Los Vida  courtesy of  Cardinal Spin, opinions however remain her own.

Photos by Maikeru Nirvana unless otherwise stated. 

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Monday, 28 September 2015

Ester, Chippendale.

There aren't many places that I will continuously rave about. But you know its good when I'm still talking about it 6 months down the track. (Uh yeah, that blogging backlog....) 

Who that you ask? 

Ester in Chippendale. 
This place has served some of my favourite dishes, so good that I have dreams about them! 

Nestled in a quiet residential area of Chippendale behind Central station, this not so hidden gem serves up some fine modern Australian cuisine. 

Roasted chickpeas 

Upon settling down and ordering drinks, a plate of their house roasted chickpea landed on the table. Pfft chickpeas you say? 

These chickpeas are what dreams of made of. 
Crispy, umami and oh so moreish!
Can I please get a bucket's worth? 

The entrance 

Wine selection

Squid ink dumplings

The perks (and downside) of eating with a fellow food blogger is that we always have eyes bigger than our stomachs, but for blogging purposes, someone had to take the honour of doing so. 

These gorgeous morsels had a intial crispy followed by chewy bite to it and was generously filled, almost like a upmarket version of the ham sui kok you get at yum cha!

Blood sausage sanga

The other starter we decided on was the blood sausage sanga. 
verdict? Do not underestimate sausage and house made bread. 

I was so blown away by this dish I almost ordered seconds. 
The flavours worked so well together and the bread was impossibly soft and fluffy! anything for some quality carbs like that! 

Brussel sprouts, mustard, egg

As part of a balanced diet, greens were ordered. But these were no ordinary greens, crispy bite sized bits of charred brussel sprouts and mustard was dusted liberally with cheese, but thats not the end of it.... nestled deep inside was a perfectly cooked egg. Hands down to the perfect yolk porn! 

Normally not a fan of brussel sprouts, but I'd totally order this again! 

Veal, cos and whipped bonito

Now to something more substantial. This was an interesting dish when i first spotted it. reading it off the menu, I couldn't really picture what we were getting. I actually enjoyed this dish a lot, the slight char from the lettuces went very well with the succulent slices of shaved veal. But what caught my tastebuds the most was the whipped bonito, the smokiness and silkiness was unbeatable! 

Roast chicken, garlic bread sauce 

So a little birdy (heh) told me that the must order dish at Ester was the roast chicken (now spatchcock) with garlic bread sauce. Who am I to defy that? In school we learnt not to judge a book by its cover, here I learnt, never judge a dish by its looks. A mundane looking roast chook landed on our table slightly swimming in sauce but this dish was probably the highlight of the evening. 

How good you ask? the chicken was so succulent and oh so garlicky and the sauce, oh the sauce! the sauce was so outstanding we almost lifted up the plate and drink the leftover sauce. 

Potato and marscapone ice cream, plum sauce

After so much savouries, desserts were needed to balance the palate.

or so you think. 

enter the potato ice cream. 

yes, you read it right. Potato. 

the ice cream was only mildly sweet and you could taste the slight starchiness. 

The other flavour was the marscapone, creamy and oh so delicious, almost like eating clouds. 

Burnt pav

Just when I thought I couldn't be mind blown anymore, the second and last of our desserts arrived. Simply named burnt pav, this was one heck of a dessert. 
A meringue boat was piled high with the most delicious lemon curd and whipped cream. sprinklings of seeds gave it added texture and flavour.

If I had to decide what I liked better, I'd probably have to go blind taste both again ;) 

And if I was to recommend a Sydney restaurant to anyone, this would definitely rank high on the list. 

So guys, tell me what makes a mind blowing dining experience for you. Let me know in the comments below! 

Till next post!


Ester Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 

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Saturday, 19 September 2015

Majestic Gourmet Grocers, Petersham

Convenience is a word I love to hear because it means I can get more things done quickly and efficiently. (I could really do with a 30 hour day!) 

For those who work , you know what the 5pm panic is like. 
You got dinner to serve yet you finish work at 5pm or later and shops have started closing already. 
what do you do?
Well Majestic Grocers have the solution for us. 
 The ex-theatre/ skate park on New Canterbury Road has now been revamped into a cafe plus grocer for us busy people. 
Not only can you get gourmet bites to eat, you can also score some of the freshest produces here to cook later that evening.

The focus here is to cook organic and fresh, in fact, all the dishes on the menus are made from ingredients available in their grocer counterpart Mercardo Europa

Soy cappucino ,extra strong

Soy Latte 

We start our lazy weekday lunch with some coffees. I have to sya that the coffee is pretty impressive, I am no coffee connoisseur, but this latte hit the spot when a caffeine kick was needed.

House made soda 

We also tried the house made soda which was tangy and refreshing, perfect for that early spring weather. 

Kitchen at work 

Zucchini flowers w/ ricotta, pine nuts, basil, burnt butter sauce, muscatels, lemon 

We started off with an entree recommended to us by Cheryl, the zucchini flowers.
These delicate flowers were stuffed with the creamiest ricotta and was served with a lip smacking burnt butter sauce. Only downside of it were the muscatels, they were of course left untouched. 

Spaghetti, prawns, zucchini and chilli 

I have a habit of always asking the server what dishes they recommend, on this occasion, this spaghetti was recommended to us. If there was  dish that spelt out Spring, it would definitely be this. 
Fresh and simple ingredients tossed with perfectly cooked pasta, I can't complain! 
This dish was however a bit on the dry side, nothing a drizzle of EVOO can't fix!

Fish of the day: salmon, salsa verde, roasted potatoes, olive oil and lemon. 

It is no secret that I love my salmon. Sashimi, in sushi, teriyaki or in this case lightly pan-fried. 
The salmon was still slightly pink the centre, a big thumbs up from me! The salsa verde gave it a nice herby kick and went with the salmon really well. I however found the potatoes are bit too chalky for my liking and there was too much oil pooled at the bottom (which we proceeded to mix into the pasta!) 

I was told that they will soon have a wine bar and dinner menu launching, as if I needed more excuses to return! 

Mercado Europa 

After being well fed, we took a look at the ajoining Mercado Europa. Here you will find quality gourmet items that are  hard to track down outside. 

dairy section 

including cheeses, small batch yoghurts and gourmet ready-made soups!

The deli 

I am a sucker for cured meats, rest assured there is plenty of that with fine cheeses (oh cheeseeeeee~) to go with your after dinner adult grape juice! 

Fresh seafood 

Oh and fresh seafood too! none of those seafood marinara mixes! 

                                                                       Fresh produce 

This section always gets to me, whats more, I saw they had sunny ridge strawberries and blueberries, they looked divine, especially the marble sized blue berries! 

Immunity shot 

Cheryl also gave us a immunity shot consisting of fresh tumeric, ginger and lime. It may look deceptively like orange juice but boy it was all things spicy, I could feel it for the next hour after coursing down my digestive system. Given that, you sure feel a bit perkier after! 

I can see so much potential for Majestic Gourmet Grocers, if you love your produce fresh and/or in 5pm panic, you know where to get help!

So guys, tell me, what is your favourite fruit? would you unfriend someone over their food choices? 

Till next time, 


Majestic Harvest Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 

 Milkteaxx and guest dined at Majestic Gourmet Grocers courtesy of  Wasamedia, opinions however remain her own.
Photos by Maikeru Nirvana unless otherwise stated. 

Friday, 4 September 2015

Eat Grk, Beverly Hills & Yiro Yiro, Belmore

Bye bye winter fat and hello spring rolls!

Just like that winter has come and gone.
 I basically don't function in winter, I burrow myself in the comfort of my electric throw rug where possible, with the exception to a promise of good food. 

As delicious as spring rolls may sound, yeeros, gyros or yiros ( however you may want to spell it!) are a delicious alternative to anything in a roll. 

Speaking of good food, I visited the new Eat Grk in Beverly Hills and Yiro Yiro in Belmore for a taste of Greece.

Located where the iconic kebab van use to be, Eat Grk offers you a twist on the usual street style food. In a Chinese dominant restaurant strip, I'm sure Eat Grk would be quite popular with the locals. 

Pan fried haloumi

One does not simply skip out on haloumi when it is on the menu. It is almost as important as legs day. The haloumi here is lightly pan fried and comes in a cute little fry pan. *insert squee* salty and squeaky, just how it should be.

Souvlaki plate

We also opted for a souvlaki plate to share. This gave us a nice mix of chicken, lamb and pork off the spit. It also came with some chips ( we swapped for haloumi fries) fluffy pita bread, a greek salad and a small drink. 

Pita bread

Oh so soft and fluffy! these went perfectly with the special Eat Grk sauce.

Haloumi chips

Continuing our haloumi game, we swapped out our normal fries as part of the souvlaki plate for haloumi fries. yes you read it right, it's deep fried sticks of haloumi.

verdict? slight initial crunch and the delicious squeaky and saltiness. The only complaint was how small the serving size was!

On a separate occasion, I caught up with the lovely NQN at Yiro Yiro, Belmore. We shared our personal trainer stories whilst we ate some deep fried goodness. oh yes we did!

The guys at Yiro Yiro are really friendly, priding themselves on quality and fresh ingredients, the place is also decked out in Canterbury Bulldogs attire, showing their support for the local team.


Again haloumi made an appearance. The haloumi here is sprinkled liberally with an oregano spice mix, giving it a pleasant gentle herby aftertaste. 

Pork souvlaki pita

For blogging purposes, we had to sample as much of the menu as possible.
After much debate and help from the lady behind the counter, we opted for the pork souvlaki pita. The crunch of the chips, fresh greens and juicy pork was indeed a heady mouthful, excuse me if I did moan out loud in public. We were told that the lamb and pork are their best sellers, so I'm definitely game on going back for the lamb ;)

Lamb yiro Plate

We also ordered a lamb yiro plate in case we didn't have enough to feed the nearby village. 
The plate arrived piled high with some glorious looking lamb and the usual suspects. the scent wafted tantalisingly as we took pictures of it. 
It was like the plate was telling us to paint it like one of the French girls. 

Feta chips! 

We had swapped out our normal fries for feta chips. The plate arrived without the feta initially but the guys were so apologetic and prompted topped out plate generously with some crumbly and salty feta. 


The lovely staff also treated us to a complimentary tilihto, a traditional Greek syrupy sponge cake coated in chocolate. This was quite sweet and decadent, a great way to finish off a meal.  

Want to read more about yiros/ yeeros/gyros? check out my post on Kefi's in Kingsgrove!

So guys, what is your favourite yiros/yeeros/ gyros filling? my favourite is the souvlaki pork! Let me know yours in the comments below! 

Till next time, 

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Eat Grk photos by Maikeru NirvanaYiro Yiro photos by Milkteaxx.

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