Monday, 2 March 2015

The Burger Project and Mister Gee burger truck

Burgers So 2014?


Yes I may be a bit late to the burger bandwagon, but it is never too late to eat burgers, literally.

The humble ol’ burger has taken on a brand new image, they are no longer straight dude food and greasy fast foods associated with a certain golden arch. 
Yes, if you haven’t already seen, heard and devoured a burger or 2, Sydney has been on the recieving end of a plethora of new burger joints, so many that I can't even say I've scratched the surface of what is on offer. 

First up is Neil Perry’s latest venture, The Burger Project. This burger project of his is hidden in an upstairs section of the ever confusing World Square complex (next to Ding Tai Fung). with so many accolades to his name, expectations were high , especially when Neil Perry offers a highly praised burger in his fine dining institution. 


The fit out is neat and simplistic just like the menu, with just a few choices including a mushroom burger for the non-meat eaters, sides consisting of fries and wings as well as a brief dessert and drinks menu. Just like a typical fast food place though, you order and pay at the counter, gather your cutlery, grab a seat and patiently wait for the buzzer to sound.

date night or quick dinner? not a problem 

I wanted to road test their burgers so I opt for the cheeseburger, topped with the usual suspects, Burger Project differs by using grass-fed beef cooked to a juicy tender medium (just let them know if that ain’t your style). The burger pretty much ticked all the boxes of a good burger, soft bun (the bun had already been changed when I visited) and generous, tasty fillings (Lettuces is a tasty burger filling too!), its nothing to ring home about but it is definitely not bad for $8 (I’ll have to admit that I may be slightly biased as Mary’s cheeseburger will forever have my heart).


The dining buddy opted for the classic, essentially the cheeseburger sans cheese, He had no complains and promptly devoured it. We also ordered a side of fries and wings to share.

Classic burger

The fries were golden, crunchy and salted perfectly, I had not fully recovered from the cold when I visited so I opted to leave the chilli off. 


The wings were also pretty tops, great seasoning (reminds me of the southern style fried chicken) flesh was juicy. Satisfied.

chicken wings 

We had plans to have dessert elsewhere so we left off the drinks and desserts, I will definitely be back to try them though, because, why not?

Mister Gee Burger truck- Burwood carwash 

A bit out west is where a strong contender lies in the comfort of a carwash. That's right, Mister Gee Burger truck. You would have to be living under a rock to not know them, given that they are currently taking social media by storm.

Are you Mister Gee?

 It may be a food truck but they have their fans chasing after them for one of their creations. Asides from serving delicious foods, they aren’t available every single day thus crowds are expected when you want to get your hands on one of their burgers. It is also a bonus how friendly the staff is! 

romance is overrated. 

To avoid the hungry crowds or disappointment, arrive early (opening time) or later in the evening. We arrived close to 9pm and despite it being a rainy evening, we still had to wait for a “table” to free up. By table, I mean makeshift table of drums and wooden boards, not the most comfortable but definitely embraces to whole street food concept.

perfect post-exercise meal 
Their burger menu changes weekly, with such a small space to work with, only one choice on offer, decision-phobics, fear not and embrace Mister Gee’s. On our visit, cheese boogie was the burger on offer. 

burger of the week: cheese boogie

The burger arrives neatly wrapped in foil, making it a mess-free burger eating experience.

Dirty fries

Also on the menu is the dirty fries, a mix of shoestring fries topped with a tasty refreshing mix of tomato and cheese. No complaint from me! 

Drinks wise, baklava shake seems to be the staple, I prefer my shakes to have a more intense flavour and thicker (not quite thick shake consistency though) so unfortunately, the baklava shake was the only let down of the evening.

baklava shake 

So as this post was about to go live, a little birdy nudged me and told me the burger of the week was The Truffe, so naturally I had to go check it out right? for research purposes of course!

The Truffe

With the highly anticipated the Truffe on offer, I knew I had to get there early!
I arrived there at 530pm, before the truck and to my surprise there was already a hungry crowd waiting! Fast forward to the burger, as soon as I pulled open the foil, the pungent smell of truffles filled the vicinity, oh boy were there no regrets queuing 30+ minutes for this baby! Even the I'm not a burger fan friend of mine said this was a pretty amazing burger, say what?!?

So guys, If you want to get your hot little hands on these bad boys, go early and soon, you can find these guys at Burwood car Wash Thursdays through to Saturdays

So dear readers, what appeals to you more, a burger with gourmet innards or food truck style burgers with a street food vibe? Let me know in the comments below!

Till next time,


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Saturday, 28 February 2015

Gyros at Kefi's Kingsgrove

Move over kebabs, we’ve got a new guy in town. Greek street food.

sensible eating 

GYROS ( pronounced yee-ros) , is essentially the utlimate Greek street food, it is also the new best hangover/ comfort food to hit Sydney, or in our case, the perfect carb loading after an intense boxing session (our trainer would be so proud of us!) .

With its increasing popularity, quite a few have popped us across  Sydney, but the one I had my eyes on was Kefi’s in Kingsgrove. Why you ask? Kefi’s  is headed by David Tsirekas of Xanthi (which has sadly closed down due to expensive rent) I had an amazing meal there but was sad to not be able to return before they closed so when I heard that David was back in the form of Kefi’s and was a short drive from my place, I knew I had to get my hands on some gyros. STAT.  

We battled some torrential rain on the way there but it was well worth it. That was not the difficult part though, the difficulty lay in choosing which gyros to have, we of course had eyes bigger than our stomachs but were quite sensible and only ordered 5 gyros and a chips to share between us. 

Yeah define sensible.

When there is a special, you get it, from experience,  you can never go wrong with it.
On our visit, it was the bifteki, a gyros topped with a mix of ground beef and lamb and a nostril enticing mix of herbs and chilli, it’s like an 80’s disco in your mouth!

Bifteki gyros

burn baby burn!

We couldn’t visit a gyros place and not have the items they are known for, so we also ordered the standard pork and chicken gyros.

You really can’t go wrong with freshly shaved meats off the spit, topped generously with crunchy and tangy greens and their signature mustard mayo. And did I mention how fluffy the pita bread is?

chicken gyros

pork gyros

The gyros that had me drooling was definitely the pork belly baklava. I had had the pork belly baklava when I dined at Xanthi and that was pretty amazing stuff so I couldn’t wait to have it inside a gyros. The flavours were perfectly balanced with the delicate sweet flavour of the date and pistachio paste and filo pastry and a deliciously creamy flavour from the perfect slab of pork belly. This is definitely my favourite!

pork belly baklava gyros

We also opted for the soft shell crab gyros for research purposes, the soft shell crab is done well, perfectly seasoned and balanced with some moreish greek style slaw, but after the pork baklava gyros, this was nothing to write home about.

soft shell crab gyros

And of course gyros means hot chips as a side! 
At kefi’s you can have normal chips to you can have feta and oregano loaded chips. Can you guess which one we had? A bit no-brainer to not have the feta and oregano option right? Salty, creamy and heavenly would be the best way to describe it.

So dear readers, are you team kebab or team gyros? Let me know in the comments below!  

That’s a wrap for now ;)


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Monday, 23 February 2015

Cloud 9 Chocolate Cafe- Newtown

Summer is coming to an end but that doesn't mean ice cream is disappearing as a diet staple, in fact cooler weather is more ice cream friendly, time to dig out the bigger tubs no?

Cloud 9 Newtown

As you all know, King St in Newtown is one of the hippiest place to be nowadays, be prepared to be scouted by acting and modelling agents... while I eat my gelato slider.... 

Yes, gelato slider! Think ice cream sandwich turned on its head. 
Where you ask? Cloud 9 chocolate bar, the newest sweet addition to Newtown's extensive food scene. 

gelato bar

Decision-phobics look away, you now have to make the difficult choice of picking cookies and gelato flavours. First world problem much? All the flavours were terribly enticing!

gelato sliders 

Cloud 9's signature item is the gelato sliders, essentially you can pick any 2 freshly baked cookies (or a brownie) and gelato to make your own personalised slider. A tasty but messy experience indeed as the cookies were rather firm as the gelato melted. Wet wipes and plenty of serviette are a must, and don't wear white like I did!

fondue for 2 

We also sampled the fondue for 2 which is essentially waffles with the standard toppings of fresh fruit and marshmallows. Crispy waffles were good but I found it a bit difficult to dip them in the small containers of chocolate provided. 

They also have other baked goodies and an extensive drinks menu on offer that change seasonally. I will definitely be back to try more of the menu!

Overall, Cloud 9 is a nice upcoming dessert bar in the ever buzzing Newtown, perhaps a few tweak will make it even better. 

Cloud 9 Chocolate Cafe on Urbanspoon

Till next time,


 Milkteaxx was invited to Cloud 9 chocolate cafe courtesy of Evil Twins PR, opinions however remain her own.
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Thursday, 19 February 2015

Salted Caramel Brownies and a new camera.

Hello and excuse me for the lack of updates, I've been eating my way through Seoul and Hong Kong, the lands of glorious street food and shopping. Bye bye savings and diet, hello diabetes and being poor! 

Anyways, keep an eye out for those upcoming posts or if you are a little impatient, check out my Instagram!

Back to today's topic, salted caramel brownies, yes salted caramel and brownies because what's not to love about salted caramel and brownies? oh and did I mention I splurged on a new camera?

I have plenty of learning to do photography-wise so any pointers are welcomed! 

Salted caramel and brownies are my weakness, I could eat them every single day (because what is diabetes?) so instead of spending my life savings on buying brownies, why not make your own? 

Not only do you know what goes into it, your kitchen also smells amazing!

How simple you ask? 

Asides melting the chocolate, you basically mix everything together and swirl in as much salted caramel as you'd like into the batter. 

So are you ready for the recipe? 

brace yourselves! 


200 g quality dark chocolate 
100 g butter
4 large eggs 
2/3 cup brown sugar 
1/2 cup caster sugar 
1 tsp vanilla
1 tsp baking powder
2/3 cups cake flour 
1/2 cup cocoa powder 
pinch of salt 
1/2 cup crushed walnuts 
200 g salted caramel sauce*

*see below for recipe or use store bought. 


1. melt chocolate over a pot of simmering water, once chocolate has melted, add in butter. allow both to emulsify and cool slightly, set aside. 

2. in a stand mixer or mixing bowl, whisk eggs with sugar until pale yellow in colour

3. add in vanilla, baking powder and flour, mix until just combined. 

whip it like you mean it! 

P.s. Do you lick the beaters and the bowl? I am guilty of that because brownie batter i too valuable to go to waste in my opinion! 

ready for the oven 

4. Once the mix is well incorporated, pour into a greased brownie pan and sprinkle with walnuts and more salted caramel. 

5. Place in pre-heated oven to bake for 8 minutes at 200 degrees, then lowering it to 100 degrees for a further 5 minutes. 

Brownies fresh out of the oven.

6. Allow the brownie pan to cool slightly before cutting and drizzling with more salted caramel to serve.

Do you like it saucy?

And for those interested in making their own salted caramel sauce, here is the recipe!


300 g sugar
 100 g water
200 g thickened cream
240 g butter, cut into small pieces 
5 g quality sea salt 


1. Place sugar into a small saucepan and add in water, allow the water to be absorbed by sugar then turn up the heat to brown sugar. approximately 5-7 minutes. make sure you do not mix it otherwise it will crystalize on the sides, occasionally drip water down the sides of saucepan to prevent crystalization. 

2. In a separate small saucepan, warm up the cream , but do not let it come to boil. allow to cool slightly and set aside. 

3.Once caramel is formed, add in salt and butter. It may splutter a bit at this stage, so step back! allow the butter to cook until it has emulsified.

4. remove from heat and stir in cream, you can now mix vigorously before allowing it to cool. 

Once cooled completely, bottle in sterilised jars, it will keep well in the fridge for a fair few months. 

So how do you like your brownies and which parts do you like best? dense and squidgy? or crumbly and cake like? I like mine with salted caramel and dense but the crispy brownie edges still have my heart. 

Let me know in the comments below! 

Till next time, 


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Sunday, 25 January 2015

Ichi-ban Boshi- Tsukemen special

This year's summer hasn't been as enjoyable as past years, it has been highly humid, mosquito ladened and tan-riffic. With such hot weather, all I want to do is laze by the poolside and eat ice cream to my heart's content. 

But alas, ice cream is empty calories and I need some proper food, because I'm not a very nice person when I'm hungry. 

This is how I found myself at Ichi-ban Boshi, the ever so popular Japanese joint in The Galleries Victoria. It is always crowded with hoards of hungry diners so I have never set my foot in there prior to this meal. 

It is a hot day so a fellow foodie and I decide to start with a round of drinks to cool down. (I ran from home to station then station to galleries, what a workout!)

green tea cappuccino

I opt for the green tea cappuccino because I am a green tea fiend, that being said, I have high expectations for anything green tea, I love my matcha strong, so strong it leaves that unique slight bitter aftertaste. This green tea cappuccino unfortunately didn't tick any boxes, it lacked any kind of flavour and tasted like... well icy milk.

melon soda

The melon soda on the other hand was a pleasant surprise, fizzy and refreshing, the best way to describe it would be melona (the korean ice cream) in liquid form. I would of preferred it without the ice cream though.

grilled beef tongue 

Next we ordered a few entrees to whet our appetite. First up is my favourite grilled ox tongue, I prefer my ox tongue more thinly sliced but these were still pretty tasty with a good chew to them. 


We also tried their okonomiyaki, or more commonly known as the Japanese pancake/ pizza. 
I am a fan of crispy edges but this one was rather thick and floury (Too much carbs!) The dining buddy on the other hand loved it and gave it 2 thumbs up. 


So why are we at Ichi-ban Boshi with the plethora of ramen joints that have opened in Sydney? Because at Ichi-ban Boshi, you can get tsukemen, a dipping style ramen where the "broth" and the ramen is served separately so that you don't sweat into your bowl of ramen.

I opted for the original tsukemen, which came with your standard toppings of pork slices, bamboo shoots and seaweed, with the "broth" in a separate bowl. The first few mouthfuls were delicious but after a few more, I found it to be increasingly salty, too salty that I ended up blotting my ramen noodles with the toppings instead of dipping the noodles in.

Do keep in mind how big the serving size of this is, I can normally polish off a standard ramen with no issues, but this one was so big I only managed half the noodles before noodle-sweats appeared.

tan tan tsukemen

I have issues with mince, but the dining buddy was lured in the promise of a spicy tan tan soup. 
He loved the strong salty broth and promptly slurped it all up. 

Ichi-Ban Boshi is always heaving with people so be prepared to wait for a seat, alternatively you can wander around kinokuniya (the land of money spending...)

So how do you like your ramen? ladened with piping hot soup or dipped in broth? Let me know in the comments below.

Till next time, 


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 Milkteaxx was invited to Ichi-Ban Boshi courtesy of Washoku lovers (SD marketing), opinions however remain her own.

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Monday, 19 January 2015

Pandan sticky rice with mango and coconut crunch.

Why do I love summer? well summer means beach time, longer days and most importantly, an abundance of delicious fruits such as mango and watermelon time! 

but alas, I have come down with a cold (who get's sick in summer? seriously? T.T) so I haven't had any of those delicious fruits (and that delicious mango lava cake my SIL made!) because chinese medicine says those are "heat inducing". What can I do? 

To tide over my cravings, I look back at the photo of this recipe I am going to talk about today. 
It involves mango (yay!) and my current obsession pandan.

That's right, I'm giving Chat Thai a run for their money, recreating the famed pandan sticky rice with mango and coconut cream. 

This recipe is easy, as long as you set aside a couple minutes the day before to do some prep. 

To give you an indication of how easy this is to make, I baked a chiffon cake (pandan of course) and cooked dinner in between making this dessert. 

Ready to tackle for the recipe?? 


2 mango (cheeks only)

pandan sticky rice

2 cups of glutinous rice grains (available at Asian groceries)
5 drops pandan essence

pandan juice 

10 pandan leaves 
5 drops pandan essence
2 teaspoon salt

1 can 420ml coconut cream (save 3 tablespoons to serve)

coconut crunch 

1 cup dessicated coconut
1/2 cup roasted sesame seeds
1/2 cup sugar


Note: You need to start this the day before as the rice grains need soaking.

soaking the glutinous rice grains 

1. Prepare the pandan solution. Blend the pandan leaves with 1/2 a cup of water and strain. 

2. Rinse the rice grains in a sieve twice and drain. 

3.  Combine the grains with the pandan solution, cover and refrigerate for 12+ hours

air-drying the grains

4. the next day, discard pandan solution and spread out onto a shallow plate to air-dry slightly.

steaming the rice 

5. Once slightly dry, steam over water for approximately 20 minutes (until slightly soft to touch). Allow to cool. 

mixing in the coconut cream

6. Mix in the coconut cream and salt until all grains are evenly coated. set aside. 

Or you can make it pretty!

7. Prepare the coconut crunch. Mix all the ingredients in a pan and toast on low heat until fragrant.

8. Eat up! Serve sticky rice with a mango cheek, coconut crunch and a generous dollop of coconut cream. 

Till next time,


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