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Lunching with Poh- PappaRich Parramatta


Did I manage to get your attention?


Obligatory selfie with Poh.


How can you not be captivated by that skin? 

Now let me introduce you to another face to Milkteaxx, meet Irene from Irene is getting fat. 
She is a hilarious, food loving, chef stalking blogger who takes some pretty damn nice photos (the one with watermarks).

Now let me segue back to some other delicious Malaysian fare PappaRich Parramatta has to offer. 
It is a pretty long post with plenty of pretty pictures, so grab an Milo dinosaur and sit back!

Malaysian cuisine is one of the most popular cuisines in Australia, it takes influences from the Chinese and Indians, creating luscious spice and condiment laden foods. As the weather is malaysia is quite warm all year round, they are also quite innovative with their drinks, taking references from the western culture and adding a spin of it into their drinks. 

It is no different at PappaRich, which some say is a contender for the best Malaysian food outside of Malaysia. 

As always our meal started with a round of drinks. Papparich has an extensive choice of drinks, and over a couple of visits, its safe to say i've sampled a fair few and boy is it hard to decide on a favourite!

lychee soda & coconut paradise

A few of these lychee sodas were ordered on our visit, I was told that no drink could get as refreshing as this. I stole of sip of this and it sure delivers, mildly sweet and definitely refreshing! Another tropical contender was the coconut paradise. I'm not a big fan of coconut in drinks unless it is coconut water, but I was told this drink immediately transports you to a tropical island with palm trees, soft sand and a hammock. I quite like the latter so I must try this next time!

Matcha rocks

I love matcha and red bean so it would've been a no-brainer for me to order the matcha rocks.
This delicious concotion of creamy matcha goodness with bits of red beans is to die for! perfect for the matcha fiend!

mango mania & tropical lime

 I didn't get to try them, seeing them polished off in minutes flat meant they had to pretty good! 

open sesame & Milo dinosaur

The milo dinosaur is Malaysia's unofficial national drink. Icy malty goodness goes perfectly with the fragrant and spicy Malaysian dishes. 
On the second visit, I opt for the open sesame, a black sesame soy milk drink, whilst tasty, I found it a bit on the heavy side. 

This needs no introduction.....

Drinks aside, time for some serious calories. By that I mean crunchy crispy glorious deep fried chicken skin. These babies are unbelievably moreish and you simply can't stop at 1 piece. Worth every single calorie. 

Pappa fried chicken wings. 

There is also the over-shadowed fried chicken wings. These blistered skin give way to perfectly cooked chicken flesh. Mmmm! 

mixed satay skewers (chicken and beef)

I first had these satay skewers in Little India when I visited Singapore years ago. The ones we had at PappaRich brought back great memories, whilst delicious, it is a bit on the dry side, but nothing a good dunk in the sauce couldn't solve.

the satay station

If was given this job, no one would ever receive their orders.....

Selection of vegetarian dim sims

The dim sim selection at PappaRich are all vegetarian, so no one ever leaves hungry! 

roti planta

We start off with a strong contender of Roti Planta, which is flaky roti stuffed with margarine and sugar. The fluffy crispy goodness is further enhanced by a trio of spicy curry dips.

Roti canai

The original roti, distinct with its circular appearance, it is the go to for those who love a no fuss roti!

roti canai with curry chicken

You can also go a bit fancy and have your roti with curry chicken ! Do get your hands dirty and enjoy alternating bites of crispy buttery roti and rich flavoursome chicken curry!

Roti Telur w/ beef rendang egg and onion 

The options with roti are endless, you can have roti telur, which is roti with eggs and onions sandwiched between the buttery layers. Not as crispy as the original, but the egginess makes it all worth it. The beef rendang makes a lovely accompaniment to filled roti.

curry chicken laksa 

Now that we are through the rotis, it is time to hit the noodles. What I love about PappaRich is the variety, I always have trouble deciding on what to have, but fear not, with a bunch of food bloggers in tow, we managed to sample quite a few choices. 

When you think Malaysian you can't look past the good ol' laksa. 
The soup here is glorious, coconutty, creamy and spicy. noodles are cooked perfectly but the chicken is a bit on the dry side. 

curry vegetable laksa

They also cater for vegetarians with a curry vegetable laksa!

pappa assam laksa

For those who a bit more hipster and not too into the traditional laksa, this is the choice for you. The soup base is made with fish and has a distinct sour taste. perfect for whetting the appetite!

prawn mee 

Now to my favourite, I have always been a noodles person ( how un-Chinese of me!) Prawn mee has to be one of my favourite dishes, the fragrant soup comes with an assortment of toppings and 2 types of noodles. Perfect for the decision-phobic (me)!

just a smidge of the food.....

Just casually stuffing our faces ya know? 

vegetarian fried mee hoon

They also have a range of stir fried noodles for the upcoming hot days where soupy noodles are proved too difficult to eat.
The vegetarian fried mee hoon is a playground of flavours and textures, nothing bland about this dish! crispy bean curds and veges with rice noodles and generous amounts of bean sprout and eggs. 

CKT/char kwey teo

Better known as CKT, this is the dish to test whether the restaurant has sufficient "wok breath", which is what is responsible for the crispy charred bits. As much as i love the char on CKT, I find them a bit on the oily side, although the rice droplet noodles used are a pleasure to eat, squigy and starchy!

Plenty of seating at the Parramatta venue but queues are constantly snaking across the bus terminus! 

More of the gorgeous Poh.

Poh, please tell me your secret to looking gorgeous!

teh tarik demonstration

Our food inhaling was briefly disrupted by a teh tarik demonstration. This guy has some serious talent, not only can he make a delicious frothy tea, he can "pull" tea behind his back. 
If  you ever see me with this, run, as fast as you can!

briyani rice with red chicken and sambal prawn

More food landed on our table as the teh tarik demo finished. 
The red rice here is not the tomato paste one commonly seen in vietnamese cuisine, it has a slightl spicy kick to it, which complements the fragrant curry and sambal prawns. I could do with a bit more greens though. 

Hainanese chicken rice

A staple in the Malaysian diet, silky soft pieces of chicken poached in stock pairs perfectly with the flavoured rice. The side of bean sprouts add some freshness to the entire dish. 

ipoh koay teow soup with steamed chicken

You can also pair it with slippery rice noodles in a dark soy sauce. Slurping the noodles is part of the fun!

dry curry egg noodles with steamed chicken

Or you can opt for dry egg noodles with a flavoursome curry sauce. 

Eat all the Malaysian!

This is a spread of food for 4 people. yes, 4! 

Poh enjoying her dessert.

coconut sago pudding

Now to the desserts! 
We try the coconut sago pudding, the pudding is sticky and sweet with an intense coconut flavour from the milk. A great occasional choice as it is rather rich.

pappa premium ice cream

Unfortunately this was a let down.  the name suggested something more premium than supermarket neapolitan ice cream. 

roti pisang (banana) w/ ice cream 

We finish off with a sweet buttery roti because who said roti had to be savoury?  This buttery goodness is transformed into a whole new level with a caramelised banana filling. I enjoyed this even though I don't like bananas (or cooked fruit).

Let the food coma commence!

We were stuffed to the brim by the time our leisurely long lunch was over. But as true food bloggers, we waddled across to Messina to continue our action. 

Till next time,

Milkteaxx & Irenegf~

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Milkteaxx and Irene is getting fat dined as guests of Papparich Parramatta and Wasamedia, opinions are however her own. 

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Friday, 10 October 2014

Cocoa and Matcha Bliss balls

Its been a while since iIve had a date, as long as I last posted a recipe! (Sorry!) my last few came in the form of assignments and textbooks, whilst they all smell wonderful (I can't be the only one who loves the smell of freshly printed paper and old books!), they aren't very interesting as dates, more frustrating and agonising than anything else really.

 I'd be lying if I said i haven't been cooking but I've been neck deep in work and uni assignments, all I want to do is inhale food and doze off. Until the gorgeous Yvonne told me about her amazing balls. Bliss balls that is.

These balls are moreish, addictive and super easy to make, and oh, they also taste exactly like Ferrero Rochers. Serious!
You can have ( or three) and still feel less guilty than eating other balls! (I really should stop saying the b word....)

So here I've adapted her recipe to create 2 different flavours of balls with the addition of sesame seeds  for a bit more crunch to it. 
I've halved the recipe below to make 12 of each flavour, but feel free to make either or both flavours!


250g medjool dates, halved and stones removed. 
250g hazelnuts, roasted and skinned.( you can use walnuts, macadamias or almonds, but I loved roasted hazelnuts)
2 tbsp chia seeds
1 tbsp sesame seeds
1 tbsp cocoa powder or 1 tbsp matcha powder 
30g of coconut oil, melted
1/2 cup flaked coconuts- for coating


1. combine nuts and dates in a food processor and pulse until a coarse crumb forms. 
2. add in the seeds and powder of choice (cocoa or matcha) and pulse briefly. 
3. add in coconut oil gradually until you have the right consistency. (the mixture should be cookie dough like, not too wet)
4.form balls with the mixtures and roll in the coconut. 

5. leave in fridge for 20 minutes to firm up a little before serving.*
*Let it rest for 5 minutes before serving if it has been in the fridge overnight.

balls and more balls!

So has anyone counted how many times I said balls? Let me know in the comments below!

Till next time


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Monday, 6 October 2014

[GIVEAWAY]- Mrs Fields Cookies feat. chocolate drizzle.

I have to admit that I am a chronic snacker, especially late at night.
I go through phases of what I feel like at 2am in the morning and cookies seem to always feature on that list.

And it would definitely be an understatement to say that I like cookies.
So if you like love cookies, read on!

Cookies and I come a long way, cookies understand me.

Whilst I did not grow up eating baked goods, my aunt use to bring me delicious Mrs Fields cookies whenever she came to visit (thats why she is still my favourite aunt!) and it was her who introduced me to Mrs fields.

It wasn't until after the n-th time of chowing down these delicious morsels that I realised my aunt would detour out of her way pick up some for the family (well I ate most of it....). but upon the first bite anyone would understand why she would go out of her way to bring some along every single time. Imagine this. crisp exterior, chewy chewy centre and plentiful chocolate chips.


Psst: I've been told their secret is using cold butter and a low baking temperature.

My favourite Mrs Fields is the white chocolate macadamia  but the original milk chocolate chip is a close runner up. But Mrs Fields have more up their sleeves, they have recently introduced the chocolate drizzle.

What is it you may ask?

Yes you've guess it, a freshly baked cookie drizzled with a gooey specially mixed dark and milk warm chocolate sauce. *cue heart attack*

How can you say no to that? 

Are you stomachs grumbling now? is it cookie o' clock?
time to get some cookies guys!

If you haven't had a Mrs fields cookies ( or haven't had one lately), then here is your chance!

Thanks to the lovely team at Mrs Fields, I've got 1x $20 and 1x $10 voucher up for grabs.
This giveaway ends on the 12th of October 2014 is open to Australian readers only.
So hurry up and get entering!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

If a cookie doesn't quite float your boat, you can check out their tasty selections of brownies, muffins and hot/cold cookie based drinks too, Mmm!

For more information regarding their products, please visit their website here.

Don't get cookie-d out!

Brb, gotta take my aunt out for a cookie date!