Friday, 10 August 2012

Cafe cre asion and The Rocks markets

excuse me for the heaps delayed post, i've been quite busy in the past 10 days, i miss my sleep ins and my bed! ( i'm falling asleep at my desk 5 out of the last 10 nights > <)  uni is demanding and i can't let loose now although i don't have to go into uni much.

anyways, today i'm bloggng about cafe cre asion! yes macrons! and heaps of them! i counted at least 20 different flavours and man those macarons are so perfect, mine are yet to look so beautiful! and so colourful too! makes me jump around like a happy kid!

look at these babies! nomnomnomnom. i could totally be the new generation macaron monster! ( i was so devastated to find out that cookie monster now eats lettuces in order to curb obesity rates!)

our box of goodies, i ended up going for a box of 12 which only took 3 girls and half hour to polish off!

the cafe was pretty busy when we got there so we decided to trek to The Rocks markets to have some proper food before downing all this sugar. The cafe also offers some light food items from some gourmet sandwiches and some cookies and other baked goods. they also sell some preserves which looks delicious so i will be returning for more!

This is the first time i've been to The Rocks markets despite being born and bred in sydney.
so when i saw this massive wok of meatballs brewing away, i knew i had to get it!

 meatball wrap with spinach and cheese $10. this was heavenly and saucy and possibly the best meatballs i've had but @ $10, i was expecting the wrap to have more than 3 meatballs....
alas, the stall probably knew i had a lot of food to devour in the next hour....

 now to the exciting time! macaron dissection! we actually ordered both strawberry and strawberry milk but we were given 2 strawberry milks ( top right corner) but we weren't complaining as it was one of our favourites of the day!

First up to the dissection table! lemon lime bitters! this was pretty good and tasted exactly like lemon lime bitters but the flavour could of been stronger. i also picked it for its mismatched shell heh!

next up is lychee. how girly is this one? i immediately thought of ballet dancers, not that ballet dancers pig out on macarons :P ( they can leave this hard job to me! :D) this was a pretty yummy macaron too!

this one is the hoji tea, this was lightly scented with tea but was not very obvious in terms of flavours. i still thoroughly enjoyed it tho.

next one is the humble strawberry milk, and as the name says, exactly like the classic strawberry milk. nice balance of both strawberry and milk flavours. this was one of the favourites amongst us girls.

This gorgeous looking one is called dear chris, *( know any hot guys called chris? well a macaron was just named after him!) this was chocolately and malty, just like a nice ice cold milo on a summery evening! yum!
*disclaimer: just my interpretation.

And as a major matcha fan i had to order a green tea flavoured one too! this was a brilliant balance of flavour and i loved the whole 1/3 i got to eat! wish i got more!

next up is cassis (blackcurrent) macaron. the intense purple was so pretty to look at!
the cassis macaron was really nicely balanced and strongly reminded me of drinking ribena, except it was a lot sweeter. ( not that i was complaining!)

this one was a pick by K, being the coffee addict she is, she picked the coffee oreo. i was interested to see what coffee and oreo tasted together but sadly the coffee overpowered any other flavour in the macaron and we could only taste the aromatic coffee.

we also ordered a jasmine flavoured one too. this flower tea base was really delicate and was very yummy but probably best not to have after a strong tasting coffee macaron!

continuing with heavier flavours, we had chocolate nougat next. this was very fitting in texture as nougat is slightly chewy. the flavour here didn't really stand out but it was still pretty nice.

we end our macaron journey with a beautiful caramel milk macaron. the caramel flavour was outstanding and i loved it ( yes i am a caramel freak). i could seriously eat 10 of these in 1 hit!

we also stopped by la renaissance for their famed chocolate eclair! and man it was awesome! look at the shiny chocolate! and the choc mousse like filling was perfectly balanced in creaminess and sweetness! yum! next time i'm not sharing!

 we also stopped by the custom house to feel like godzilla! yep thats sydney CBD beneath our feet!

and karla took us down to a local pub for some hot mulled cider. normally i don't drink alcohol but the girls were persistent in getting me drunk that night. this hot mulled cider was pretty nice, tasted like liquified apple pie with a mellow cinnamon after-taste. and yes i'm weak, this glass of hot cider was enough to get get as red as a tomato and heavy headed on the train home ( i almost missed my stop as i had my head on my lap)

enjoy what is left of winter with heaps of hot drinks ( currently digging chai lattes and carrot cakes) and i can't wait for spring!

stay warm!

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  1. mmm love cafe creasion! the strawberry macarons are my fave too!

  2. Cre Asion is one of my happy places! Love their Thai tea & dear chris macarons. You have to try La Renaissance's sausage roll next time, so good! Their macarons are awesome too.