Sunday, 21 October 2012

the runcible spoon

i love lane ways, checking out the graffiti and interesting artwork on those long forgotten walls. That is why i love melbourne! no im not trying to start a sydney vs melbourne debate here, i love both cities and i'm all about the food! give me good food and im sold!

anyways, i found this hidden little gem while i was looking for cafes near uni . i was immediately sold by its unique name, the asian influenced menu and the reviews on eatability. so when the group of us were let off for lunch that day we ventured over here for some delicious cafe food. 

I have to say i immediately fell in love with this place! it has a very rustic feel and a nice vibe to it!  i would love to own a cafe like this!  The interior is quite small but we don't notice as we are all drawn in by the fridge of cakes and a big platter of scones sitting on the bench top!

We do ask the owners what the names meant but i wasn't listening as i was too busy staring at the meringue cake in the fridge! On the wall is also an Edward lear poem, i don't know my poetry so yessss....

the two baristas. i think it was the one in the striped shirt that fancied my friend (vice versa) :P karla turned bright red when he stuck he head out the window to say bye! how cute!

not a very good pic i know, but do you spy the big bowl of poached pears amongst the other goodies?!?!

i'd like my living room/ dining room of my future house to look like this!

The weather was beautiful so we got seats outside. The first time we were here, we were seated on tall stools.

Across the road were artwork on the walls. there was also bits and pieces of graffiti but i obviously forgot to take a pic.

I started off with a nice chai latte. the chai here is quite strong in cinammon which sorta covered everything else...

Kim had the hot chocolate, she said this was delicious! i didn't try this but i could smell it! smelt heaps chocolatey!

karla also said that the cap was also very good, i wonder if it had anything to do with the barista? ;) (kim's style)

While our exercise sports science healthy peeps decided to have fresh juice.. i forgot to ask kathy what she ordered, i think it had lychee, strawberry?

Food time. i had the potato rosti with poached eggs, bacon and roast tomatos. a simple homely dish. yum!

this was the grilled chicken sambo on rye?

Tracy ordered the baked eggs with chorizo. this looked and smelt amazing, i was going to try it in the 2nd visit but i fell sick :(

kathy decided on a pork bell bun to balance out her healthy drink option. this was great value at $9. i should of had this!

look at that slab of pork belly!

On the second visit, kim had the nam jim fried eggs. id been having congee for 3 days by then so everything smelt amazing.

The baked eggs were ordered again, this time it came with rye instead of a hamburger bun.

Kim and i also went to USYD's med revue that night so we stopped by the dip @ goodgod for some pulled pork nachos. too bad i only got to see and smell. :( don't worry, i will be back for you!

To end this post on a nerdy note. i've been telling all my biology students this joke, i think they all think im crazy by now!

Till next time!

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  1. mmm that pork belly looks great!

  2. I was staring at the pork belly too, lol, but I'm also distracted by the potato roesti. It looks so crunchalicious!

  3. I've wondered what it's like here! Thanks so much for the review-it looks very cute :)

  4. @chocolatesuze- i will return just for that pork belly. crackling is my best friend.
    @helen- that potato roesti was amazingly crunchy with the fluffiest innards!
    @NQN- its a cute little hidden gem, defs worth the visit!

  5. This place looks great and cute name! What a find :)

  6. LOVE pork belly buns - so nomlicious!

  7. Oh damn my comment disappeared lol

    Why didn't I find out about your blog before my Sydney trip...then we would have been able to meet up and you can take me around to all those amazing places~ Can't wait to come back though! :)

  8. Dear Amy,

    That pork belly look really crispy and I like the psychology behind justifying it with a healthy drink.

  9. @excusemewaiter- yes its such a cosy little place!
    @food is our religion- pork belly makes everything better!
    @daisy, come back to syd and we can visit again!
    @chopinmysaucepan- i like your logic too!