Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Pig and the Pastry- Petersham.

Yes, i am blogging about another cafe. No, i will never get sick of visiting cafes, especially ones with cute names like Pig and the Pastry, namely because they make up some of my favourite foods (or food groups... bacon should be a food group of its own!) , how can you go wrong really? 

Pig and the Pastry is still a fairly new cafe that opened up mid last year, with such a cute name it is hard to resist the beckoning calls to visit it right? Pig and the Pastry is definitely my type of cafe, its a quaint little hideaway from the chaotic streets (Parramatta Rd!! eeep!). It emits a cosy homey feel and reminds me of the leisurely time of chilling on the porch and relaxing with a good book and iced tea.  ahhh bliss! (FYI been a while since i've done that.....)

I really like how fresh and alive the place felt, the natural light flooding in ! 

poached eggs with smoked streaky bacon roasted tomatoe and field musrooms on sourdough

It was winter and the weather was freezing cold, so i opt for a tummy filler of poached eggs. I love eggs and when they come with mushrooms there i no reason why i wouldn't order it. The only thing i really wanted was some greens, maybe some wilted spinach...? then i would've gone to breakfast  heaven! 

egg porn shot. 

Oooze egg ooze!

lovely flowers adorn each table and around the cafe.
a lovely touch! 

 love natural light nd the airy atmosphere.

 I think exposed brick walls was a trend last year, i quite like it. (p.s. Brickfields and Brewtown Newtown also has it!)

Pig and pastry's winter porridge with dried fruits and mixed seeds

My friend orders the winter porridge and i stole a spoonful or research purposes :P. The porridge is subtly sweet and aromatic, they were also really generous with the dried fruits, my spoonful was choc a block full! 

soy chai latte

Flavour wise it was good, but nothing s as good as loose leaf chai. #spoilt. 

Outdoor seating is also available but it was freezing when i went ( so much blogging backlog!) so we opted for the warm indoor cosiness.

Their menu changes depending whats in season but i did spy salted caramel milkshake on the menu, hopefully they don't change that as i will definitely will be back for that! Rumour also has it that their burger is amazing, so that's been added to my list!

Stay awesome guys, till next time!


Pig and the Pastry can be found at:
A: 1 Station Street, Petersham, NSW 2049
E: info@thepigandpastry.com.au
P: (02) 9568 4644


Weekdays: 7.30-4.00pm
Weekend: 8.00-4.00pm
Closed Tuesday
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  1. I love cutting open eggs to reveal a soft yolk centre - then you let it ooze!

  2. Their burger IS amazing! The Pig and Pastry is such a beautiful space... wanna try that porridge, looks so good.

  3. Looks like a great place for breakfast! Wish I had more places like this closer to me ><

    1. worth going out of your way for this little gem!

  4. Who doesn't like eggporn........that should be it's own category :)

    The porridge looks great, not something I'd order out which I'm sure I'd be pleasantly surprised. But.......can't get past poached egg with the goooooooooey inner.

    1. yes egg porn should be on the bottom of the food pyramid! i dont normally order porridge but was pretty pleased with this one!

  5. That winter porridge would be eaten in 3 seconds! :D


    1. it was good, would of stolen more if my friend didnt inhale it in a heartbeat!

  6. oh awesome a breakie place not too far from home!

  7. Dear Amy,

    I love poached eggs with runny yolks too and these look like a really hearty breakfast!

  8. that porridge looks so hearty!

    1. it was amazing! friend inhaled it!

  9. The streaky bacon looks so crunchy! Am really keen to check out their baked goods here too.

    1. it was so good! their smoked bacon was heavenly! wish i took some baked goods home!

  10. What a cute name!!!
    Just love it, I would have happily had either of those dishes!
    Gourmet Getaways

  11. I'm pretty sure bacon is a primary food group as well!

  12. that bacon looks so crispy! gotta love egg porn hehe :D

  13. I recently just visited Pig & Pastry as well - it's quite a cute gem isn't it?
    It was lovely meeting you over the weekend. I hope you enjoyed the high tea.
    All the best.

  14. They do an amazing classic bacon & egg roll! I love the fact that they bake their own bread in the premises. One of my fave cafes in Sydney