Sunday, 5 January 2014

Reminescing 2013.

2013, what a year it has been! 2013 was an amazing year, a year of change, a year of learning and a year of experience. It wasn't always perfect, we all had our ups and downs but life is never perfect, thats what makes it so intriuging and interesting right? over 2013 was fantastic and i thoroughly enjoyed it!

Its a long wordy post sprinkled with occasional pics, so settle down with a cuppa ;)

SO.....! 2013 was jam packed and went by faster than ever, it felt like last month that i was unwrapping Easter eggs! (psst Easter is around the corner once again! chocolate, woohoo!) 2013 also marked the first time i got a professional job and it was definitely an eye-opener, it was also really different to uni but i loved every moment of it. I love the field I work in and most importantly, i don't think i'll ever get sick of learning more, so i am super excited about what 2014 will bring!

 my sit-stand desk version 1 

A sneak peek into my desk. 

version 2

i thoroughly enjoyed my "outdoor office" 

2013 also saw many celebrations, myself and quite a few close friends graduated from a range of degrees,  there were a few engagements and weddings and sadly also a few farewells (bye Danica, Christina and Xiao Xiao, missing you gals heaps!).
 Thank You. without you girls i will not be who i am today.

a handsome pharmacist is born!

Accio MPH!

<3 my gals!

2 beautiful dietitians!

lunch @ Quay with MAAX crew

(blog post soon! i promise!) 

Catch up with the MPH girls again! 

Mia's engagement

Janice pigpig's bday @ Jazushi

food for 6. yes 6, not 60. 

and for 4..... #enoughcaloriestofeedavillage

2013 was also a year of firsts, it was the first time i took over the front garden and turned the tiny space I had into a miniture vege patch. i never thought i would be able to grow stuff as im not known for my green thumb haha!

I also did my fair share of local travelling, starting with a central coast trip on NYD and then heading south to kiama and nowra, i also hopped on a plane to Melbourne and met the amazing Daisy of NTSFM and Michele from Iron Chef Shellie as well as flying Perth for my first ever blogging conference! boy did i learn heaps and met many bloggers i've only spoken to online!
I also watched multiple sunrises and sunsets at many locations, i don't think i'll ever get sick of it tho!

The most memorable dish of Melbourne. the chocolate bar @ Mr Hives. Dear god this was good!

The perth sunset!

EDB13 stage backdrop

Berry donut van. An essential stop. 

Sunrise @ Caves Beach 

In the food scene i think 2013 was definitely the year of budget and casual eating with many amazing cafes and ramen joints opening, the introduction of many food trucks and pastries ( eeep! catch up on those posts soon!). a lot of malaysian and korean was also consumed. ( hello Albee's and Jonga Jip!)

and how can i forget the 25 kgs worth of crackling demolished at the sydney food bloggers christmas picnic 2013?

group pic courtesy of simon of SFF

I also did a lot of experiementing in the kitchen, most notably bread making. asian style baked buns, no knead bread from the NY times, bring on them carbs!

2013 was the year of change, i needed to practise what i preach, so i started taking action in improving my health, no drastic changes but small changes like standing at work, walking short distances instead of driving, occasionally making healthier food choices. I also joined a gym and stuck to it. in fact i am still with them and still going strong with my goals of working out 5 days a week. i want them biceps!!! haha!

As the year drew to a close, i dug up my 30 before 30 list again, check out what things i've crossed out!

30 before 30

  1. Sky diving (didn't do it in 2013 but have completed at the time of publishing this post! i went abseiling tho!) 

  1. Bungee jumping (NZ trip anyone!?!?)
  2. paragliding
  3. Travel the world (currently on the radar include Europe, America, Vietnam/laos/Cambodia and Korea, Maldives (I’ll even settle for Fiji!!))
  4. Get a motorcycle license and/or ride a motorcycle ( not much luck convincing my parents yet)
  5. Shopping spree splurge, buy an luxury item that I don’t need, just to check it off the list!
  6. Convert my front garden into my own fruit and veggie patch
  7. Continue to improve my baking skills. Especially my atrocious piping skills!
  8. Have a onsies costume party before I get too old i hate onsies and i don't think i could do this one, what was i thinking when i was writing this?!!
  9. Get something published somewhere, in a journal (PHD perhaps? Who am I kidding?) - in progress! 
  10. Learn more about wine and coffee- learnt a fair bit at EDB13 but plenty more to go!
  11. Learn how to change a flat tyre (been on my list forever, but haven’t needed that skill just yet)
  12. Ride an elephant
  13. Go camping, in a tent.
  14. Swim with dolphins ( thought about crazy things like sharks, but id freak out)/ scuba diving
  15. Hot air balloon ride
  16. Watch a meteor shower 
  17. Have a cake stall/market stand of my own be it a weekend thing of pop up.
  18. Get a job i love ( health promotions, research?)- sorta!
  19. Continue to improve my fitness, perhaps learn a sport/martial arts properly for once.- getting there!
  20. Explore the rest of Australia ( have only visited the east coast) Adelaide, Tasmania, Uluru and NT to go!
  21. Pay off my extensive HECs and HELP debt- paid of a bit this year, but am going back to study next year T.T 
  22. make some worthy investments (HA!)
  23. Learn to forgive myself and stop dwelling in the past- i don't think anyone will ever master this but i think i have improved!
  24. Cook a awesome dinner for my closest and dearests complete with candlelight and white tablecloths etc
  25. Learn to dance, ballroom? Jazz? (I have no co-ordination what so ever.)
  26. Learn to be more independent- a step forward  i think!
  27. Fly a kite
  28. Abolish my bad habit of biting off and cutting split ends!
  29. Fall in love with someone wildly inappropriate
So 4 things completed so far.... hrrm need to pick up my game! 

and because it is a recap, the corny new years resolutions for 2014 have to make an appearance:

-continue my fitness regime. i'm thinking of trying out brazilian jujitsu, anyone interested?!?!
- be less stingy (haha i AM asian after all...) money is for spending!
- actually make more time for family and friends instead of just saying so
- working towards being a better ME
-stress less over tiny things
-since im going back to studying, study hard and do my best instead of my usual half-hearted studying!

Here are some more highlights and happy snaps from 2013!

- Nanoblocks 

- home cooking
asides bread making i experimented a lot in the kitchen this year, such as gnocchi making, jars and jars of salted caramel (oh yes!) and chestnut puree, roast pork with epic crackling ( be still my heart!) and laksa to name a few.

last but not least, i have to thank all my readers, family and friends for all their support and their tolerance, thank you for being part of my awesome 2013.

cheers to a even better 2014!

(Belated) Happy new year!

lots of love,



  1. happy new year! looks like you had an epic 2013, here's to an incredible 2014!

    1. thanks suze! happy new year to you too!

  2. Awesome 2013 Amy!! So much awesome pork/crackling action too! lol

    1. 2013 was great, i think 2014 needs equally as much pork crackling action!

  3. happy belated new year! it looks like you had a FAB year. Can't wait to see what 2014 will bring!

    1. happy new year shan shan! excited abt 2014!

  4. Congrats on graduating and well done on the fitness front! Happy new year Amy and looking forward to more late night baking pics in 2014! lol

    1. thanks helen! i will defs be doing more late night baking!

  5. great reflection posts. things like this reminds us of the things we set out to acheive and how hard we really tried to do them! happy 2014!

    1. thats why i love reflection posts, keeps me motivated! happy new year tina!

  6. happy new year! congrats on graduating. love your 30 before 30 list hehe :p

    1. happy new ear to you too annie! thanks!

  7. Yay happy 2014! Your bread all looked so amazingly delicious - I want to eat it all!!!!