Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Brewtown Newtown.

What do you get when you combine a groovy industrial fitting (formerly a bookstore) with the amazing crew behind Gnome Espresso of Surry Hills?

Brewtown Newtown. 

I don't think you can get a better name than this, such a simple but clever play on this inner city suburb's name! The cafe is housed just off the busy King St in the site of where Berkwlouw books used to be. I regret not exploring Newtown more when i was at studying at working at the uni, but it is never too late right? 

Fresh flowers on the communal table

I love little touches like these, they significantly (p-value < 0.01)  brighten up your day!

Menu is brief and not quite your typical cafe brunch, just like Gnome's menu. I also really liked the communal tables up front because they were flooded with natural light which is perfect for photos and because of the beehive(?) pattern! Can i please get a small version of this for my garden?!?!

Ze Cronut

When i was placing my order i saw 1 lonely cronut in the display case so i snapped that one up first after a bit of hesitation as i don't like jam donuts. But the counter staff were really nice, she offered to swap a cinnamon sugar one for me if we were still around when they were ready. that's great customer service right there!

the soy chai setup.

i ordered a soy chai and was really pleased to see they used loose leaf, I was instructed to press it out after 30 seconds but i was too busy chatting so i left it for longer. I love the mug and saucers they used, so pretty! (psst! they are available for purchase upstairs at O'conell Merchants!)

chai latte 

I found the chai to be a bit weak although i left it to seep for 3 minutes, 2.5 minutes more than recommended.

Duck Ravioli with mushrooms

My dinign partner in crime ordered the duck ravioli. 2 plump ravioli and a tangle of mushrooms arrive in a small puddle of broth. i stole a bite and damn it was delicious.

Baked polenta, poached eggs and mushroom.

This place is a winner because they have all day breakfast. simple as that, because i;m always on the go, my breakfast is usually an up and go and a banana, so i constantly crave a more substantial breakfast. yes eggs are not an option, it is an essential. I order this dish because it has some of my favourite things, poached eggs, mushrooms, asparagus, parmesan and a golden block of "baked" polenta.
It was bit light on seasoning but i loved all the components, i may try and recreate this at home.

Buzzing with people and an empty cronut case.

The Gnome remains!

full house on a Saturday morning 

The place was very busy on a Saturday morning! Glad we beat the queues ( and scored a cronut!)

stairway to (shopping) heaven.

The 2nd floor houses the O'connell Merchants

which sells a range of boutique lifestyle goods, fresh flowers and homewares. I think I need a beach chair for the office.

 From the stairs to O'connell Merchants 

I love how the front section is so flooded with natural light and the further inside is dark and moody with a different atmosphere.

cinnamon sugar cronut

Original is best, that's why I ended up taking a cinnamon cronut home. It may of been nicer if i had had it there but i had to get back to work and ended up having this the next morning for breakfast. yeah cronut for breakfast, that's the way i roll.

innards shot

To be honest, i'm not too sold on this cronut craze, i'm not a big fan of donuts and i eat croissants for the flaky crunch and mess, this was neither but the cinnamon flavour was done pretty well.

If you haven't been to Brewtown Newtown yet, go now, like right NOW!

Stay sweet and till next time,


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  1. lol i'm craving for all the food at Brewtown right now haha!

  2. Brewtown is friggen awesome - I definitely want to go back. Newtown's so inconvenient to get to :(

    1. its ok for me to get to but i just dont have time!

  3. It is such a cute name! ...and I love the daisies on the table. Beautiful! Gorgeous poached egg shot too yum!

    1. i love fresh flowers so i loved the whole set up!

  4. This place looks awesome!! I want the duck ravioli.

    1. it is pretty good! worth checking out~

  5. I need to get out more - this place looks fun. That polenta dish has my name on it :)

  6. Love Brewtown, the coffee is fantastic, food is fantastic and the staff is fantastic. Winning combo! Oh plus free sparkling water, oh yes!

  7. I look forward to visiting this place. Really really want to order the soy chai!

  8. Brewtown Newtown has really lots of superb delicacies. I wanna try the duck ravioli with mushroom.

  9. Definitely my favourite cafe of 2013! Love the space, coffee is superb and i actually really like how fluffy and flaky the cinnamon sugar cronut is.

  10. Everyone's been talking about this place! I just wish I made it over the bridge (North-sider here!) more often in the mornings so I could go here for brunch.