Monday, 23 June 2014

Ordering online: Menulog

Gone are the days of paper menus and calling up restaurants to place your orders.

I have to admit, so much has changed in the last 10 years, especially when it comes to communication, all to our own convenience of course. We can now see and hear people on the other side of the world with a click of a button and my baby nephew knows how to use the ipad and iphone than i do (yep sad, but it's true!)

I am glad to say that this technology has also been reciprocated to ordering food online. I can be pretty sometimes (too many fingers in too many pies!) so if i haven't had time to do any food prep over the weekend, I am often found ordering takeaway during the week. Whilst takeaway has the impression of being unhealthy, Menulog has captured a great variety of local restaurants that allow a range of cuisines delivered to your doorstep with a few clicks on the website or on their smartphone app.

Best of all, it is simple and quick!

1. select your local area.

Selecting your local area will search all the restaurants that deliver to the area. I found a great variety of restaurants that were not exactly in my area but were willing to deliver, perfect when the weather is freezing and all you want to do is curl up with a blanket.

2. select restaurant of your choice.

 I choose Pla Two Thai in Enfield as I have driven past in many times. Each restaurant has different offers and discounts. Pla Two Thai had 20% off first order AND complimentary prawn crackers.

3. browse the menu and place your order. 

The menu is set up to be exactly like the restaurant menu so that you don't miss out on any goodies. I always go for chef's specials as I know thats what they do best. They also allow you to customise your dish like you would if you were at the restaurant.

4. Fill in your details and select your payment method. 

They take a range of payments, making it easy for you to order and pay.

5. Snazzy! An instant SMS to confirm your order. 

Once your order goes through on the online system, you get an SMS sent to you to confirm your order. 

Oh hello Thai food! 

Exactly what i needed with an impending cold.

We ordered chicken pad thai, a green chicken curry and som tum papaya salad. My favourite was defiitely the som tum, fresh, tangy and spicy. Delicious!

The prawn crackers were complimentary but were pretty damn tasty with no oily residue. Even the father generally doesn't deviate from his rice, fish and vegetables said the food was pretty tasty and would love to go back to Pla Two Thai to try it out (I am still gobsmacked by his comment!)

Overall, The Menulog online ordering system was really easy to use and perfect for people leading a busy lifestyle, I placed the order on my lunch break for dinner and it took less than 5 minutes to complete. The food also arrived in less than the 30 minutes quoted.

Stay warm and till next time,


Disclaimer: Milkteaxx received a $30 voucher from Menulog, opinions are however her own. 

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  1. I want thai take away. I want thai food and I don't wanna cook!.... if I didn't have leftovers I'd so be ordering in!

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  3. I've heard about Menulog before and now i think I'm convinced that ordering is a breeze! I love fast and reliable service!

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  4. Love som tum! Definitely one way to clear your sinuses!

  5. I don't order takeaway very often, but when I do I do tend to use Menulog - it's great for getting special deals like $5 off, special gifts (free soft drink, etc), and so on.