Monday, 9 June 2014

The Cottage Bar and Kitchen, Balmain - Winter Menu Launch

I miss daylight saving and winter, I literally see minimal daylight, it is cold and the weather is miserable. I am a summer person all the way, give me the sun, the beach and I rather be sweltering heat than freezing my extremities off. 
That being said, there is good things about winter, think heartwarming roasts, soups and of course winter menus. 
This is exactly what happened on a freezing Tuesday night. We hit up The Cottage Bar and Kitchen in Balmain for their new winter menu launch, designed by head chef, Ellen Young. 

The Cottage

The Cottage is cosy and emitting with warmth, exactly what we needed. 

 The cheese set up

Shall we go straight to the food? heck yes! especially if its cheese! There was 4 types of delicious cheeses on offer. I'm generally not a big fan of blue of goat, but the Queso Valdeon blue from Leon, Spain was suprisingly not as pungent and the Wyngaard goat of Woerden, Netherlands had an unexpected non-muttony taste to it. I'm rather amatuer in cheese tasting but I can tell you all of them were delicious, I particularly liked the Locheilan Triple Ring Soft from Shepparton VIC. The other cheese on offer was a Fleuron Vache Brebis semi-hard from Pyrenees, France. 

Free flowing oysters

What is better ( or equally good) as free flowing cocktails? Free flowing oysters of course! There were  freshly shucked Sydney Rock oysters that were constantly replenished throughout the night. I have texture issues with oysters but Vanny inhaled 3 dozens of these. The oysters were served with lemon or merlot vinegarette. 

Many other delicious eats were also free flowing! It was hard to pick of a favourite as they were all pretty damn delicious. 

Arancini of tomato, smoked mozzarella, parmesan. 

you had me at mozarella. enough said. 

Mushrooms stuffed w/ barley, dried fruit, herbs and chevre. 

I love my mushrooms and have recently found love for barley. I may have had quite a few of these... 

Time for a drink break. 

I don't know my alcohol, but anything that goes down easily is good as my tolerance is ridiculously low. 

Left to right is the Speyside Sour consisting of glenfiddich, ginger liquer, lemon juice, honey water and orange bitters, The Lemon & Basil Gimlet consisting of citron vodka, lemooncello and fresh basil, lemon and lime. The one I was able to tolerate and knock me out flat was The Sloe Cuban, which is a twist on the mojito and consists of gin, mint, lime and soda. 

Yellowfin Tuna Tartare w/ beetroot relish, apple, pickled fennel and dukkah

now lets continue eating! Those who have been reading for a while will know I'm head over heels with tuna, so there is no surprise that this went down like a treat! mmm! 

Cauliflower w/ pulled lamb shoulder, raisins and vinaigrette.

As we were digesting those delicious canapes, massive portions of roasted cauliflower made its way around the place. Roasted cauliflower? asides this being a super vege, it is super delicious and versatile. The pulled lamb shoulder and vinaigrette bought it to a whole new level. The cauliflower was just a bit undercooked. 

Maple & cider beef brisket w/ celeriac crisp & horseradish cream

Now to my absoulte favourite dish of the night. The beef brisket. HOLY MOLY MOTHER OF GOD. This is the best beef brisket I've ever had, creamy layers of melt in you mouth fatty goodness and tender flesh coated in a crazy moreish horseradish cream. I could eat this every day and not get sick of it! 

 Speyside Sour

Move over Foxtel, Its Cocktails on demand. 

the bartender looking a bit perplexed. 

But i can assure you he can make some lean mean drinks. (I had sips I swear!) 

The front kitchen. 

how cute are those teacup lights?

The upstairs seating 

The menu here is delicious and I can assure you that I will definitely be back to try the rest of the offerings because they sound damn delicious! 

So next time you need a drink in the area, you know where to find delicious eats and amazing drinks! 

USYD Quadrangle- stunning as always. 

It has been a while since i've been back on campus, the Quad is truly beautiful and I miss working nearby and going for afternoon walks there! Vivid Sydney was at USYD this year, so how could I pass up the opportunity to check out my second home? 

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Milkteaxx attended The Cottage Bar and Kitchen, Balmain thanks to Pendulum Communications, opinions are however her own. 

Till next time!



  1. I'm lovin' the look of that cheese table set up! Place looks great.

  2. Replies
    1. heck yes it was! melty melty brisket! yummo!

  3. Holy moly that cheese set up looks to die for!

    1. it was fantastic! what dreams are made of!

  4. Mmm those oysters sound amazing! And I'm a summer person too! I like to fly the coop for winter :D

  5. Those mushrooms and that beef brisket look amazing!!!

    1. i could eat it everyday! that brisket was so damn delicious!

  6. Oysters, cocktails, cheese & BEEF BRISKET !!! :D :D :D :D

  7. woah all that cheese and oysters!!!

  8. Love the ambience - cosy and warm, as you mentioned. Free flowing oysters - ooh! And an array of cheeses! Thanks for sharing!

    Gourmet Getaways

    1. thx for stopping by! loved the evening at the cottage!

  9. I would have definitely stationed myself around those oysters!

  10. Free flowing oysers is probably the best part ;)

    1. haha i think most people thought that!

  11. I was there on the night as well! I think the roasted cauliflower & lamb was definitely my pick of the night.

    1. aww didnt get to meet you! that lamb was real nice too!