Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Winter Warmers Giveaway- Pukka Organic Teas.

Is winter getting to you?
Are your extremities on the verge of falling off?
do you need a little extra warmth?

If so, read on!

Milkteaxx is holding a Winter Warmers giveaway thanks to the lovely peeps at Pukka Herbs and Dani Lombard PR.

Pukka Herbs has an amazing range of organic teas that are full of flavour and rich in therapeutic benefits. The teas are created with love by an avid herb grower and master herbalist Sebastian Pole. They have tea for each and every need, Whether you need to rev up, wind down or simply indulge. All Pukka teas are also naturally organic and totally free from artificial flavourings.

So what's up for grabs? One lucky reader will win all 3 teas from their brand new winter wellness range!

first up is the elderberry and echinacea: A comforting blend of ripened wild berries and echinacea with a touch of sweet elderflower. The fruit teas are made from ripe, organic fruits slow-dried to capture their intense deliciousness giving you oodles of fruit per cup and a deeper, more colourful taste. 

If you a looking for a bit of pick me up, the lemon, ginger and manuka honey is the one for you. This tea is a deeply soothing, traditional blend of zesty lemon and spicy ginger with sweet, nourishing notes of manuka honey. 

It is made from ripe, organic lemons and ginger root that we have slow-dried to capture their intense deliciousness. The oodles of fruity-spice are then blended with manuka honey to give a soothing, sweet finish. 

Cinnamon is one of natures most invigorating herbs. It will warm your soul and lift your spirit. If spice is the way you like it, then the three Cinnamon will suit you just right, this blend is made up of some of the world's most delicious types of sweet cinnamon to make a richly spiced tea of real depth. 

which one of these teas interest you the most?

I personally love the elderberry and echinacea, as it is fruity and fragrant! mmm!
you can read more about their teas here!

Giveaway details!

To enter, simply like my facebook page, follow me on twitter, tweet about giveaway, follow me on instagram and/or leave a comment on this post telling me which tea from the winter wellness range you would like to sample the most.

A winner will be selected randomly on 25th June C.O.B.

This competition is only open to Sydney-siders (Sorry rest of aussie-land and international readers, will have something else for you later!) 

Good luck!

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  1. Hard to pick as they all sound amazing but I proabably have to go with cinnamon. Been needing some warmth and invigoration in this cold exam period.

  2. These Pukka Herbs organic teas look terrific! :D

  3. Oh - ps - I would love to sample the elderberry and echinacea tea - because I do enjoy myself a good berry tea. :)

  4. You been sick way too much girl haha. Lemon, ginger & honey for me :)

  5. Dragons Well green tea from China - to die for!

  6. I definitely need a pick me up! The lemon, ginger and manuka honey sounds perfecto!

  7. I can never get past the lemon and honey!

  8. Berry series is nice for winter warmer.

  9. Eep I would definitely go for elderberry, a big fan of the flavour :D
    Thanks for the giveaway!

    Choc Chip Uru

  10. Rosehip It's just a lovely pick me up

  11. I've definitely had enough of winter! It's so cold and I'm all rugged up in three layers and a blanket! :P

  12. green tea cause it makes me feel calm :)

  13. I like Chai tea in the winter, because I like the "fall" flavors. In the summer I like Iced Raspberry tea because it is so refreshing.

  14. Love the look of the lemon and honey - I think I need it as I can already feel myself getting sick!