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Guest Post: Taste the Mediterranean- Baker's Delight & De Bortoli Wines

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Café Nice was transformed into an exciting Mediterranean bazaar on Thursday, 31st July to celebrate the launch of Baker’s Delights line of premium Turkish breads accompanied with a range of Mediterrean-inspired wines from De Bertoli.

A selection of beautiful wines from De Bortoli Wines were available to sample. These included the NV Rococo Yarra Valley Cuvee and the Pinot Grigio (2013), Merlot (2013) and Sangiovese Merlot (2011) from BellaRiva.

Tasting notes as follows -  
NV Rococo Yarra Valley – Premium Cuvée
Appearance: Pale colour with green tinges
Bouquet and palate: Subtle Biscuit-like aromas with citrus and white pear characteristics. Soft creamy textured palate with length and drinkability.
Impression: Perfect sparkling wine to enjoy with appetisers and canapes to start the night. Would be fantastic for summer barbeques (particularly with seafood!).

2013 BellaRiva Pinot Grigio
Appearance: Light straw in colour with a green edge
Bouquet and palate: Gently aromatic. Pear-like fruit, some nuttyness, bright with good texture and complexity. Quite fine and very drinkable.
Impression: This wine is light and very easy to drink, would suit light dishes featuring seafood, poultry or pastas. It is really well-balanced, not too fruity or dry.

2013 BellaRiva Merlot
Appearance: Dark red with purple

Bouquet and palate: Black fruits, rich flavours, juicy, soft

Impression: This would be perfect with a succulent roast, juicy steak or even salmon. It is fruity and has fantastic depth of flavour.

2011 BellaRiva Sangiovese Merlot
Appearance: Red with good garnet edge
Bouquet and palate: Complex, earthy aromas, autumnal, brooding.
Impression: Oaky with a pleasant dryness, would suit a warm fireplace, good conversation and close friends on a winter’s night after dinner.

Some fantastic bakers from Baker’s delight waxed lyrical about their passion for producing amazing Turkish breads. The main ingredient is “love, and lots of time”.

(Above images from

The new range includes fluffy light Turkish bread topped with sea salt flakes, as well as my personal favourite – chili and garlic.

Silver table-tops were piled with mounds of fresh spices, adding to the mediterrean theme.

Café Nice’s pate de foie de canard with fig paste was an amazing accompaniment to wood-roasted sourdough bread. Another treat was the chicken nicoise salad, with gooey soft-boiled egg and fresh crispy greens.

A selection of canapes were served on the night, all featuring the new range of Baker’s Delight bread. These included (from top left) – pate de foie de canard with fig paste, chicken nicoise salad, pissaldiere (caramelised French onions), smoked eggplant hummus, baby peas with goats cheese and mint and braised peppers and white anchovies.

Lilian attended The Taste the Mediterrranean event on behalf of Milkteaxx courtesy of Keep Left Media, opinions are however her own. 


  1. Bread and wine pairing is one of the best experiences! Great selection!

    Gourmet Getaways

  2. Hey Amy!

    Was lovely to meet your guest writer Lilian! :) Didn't know Lilian wrote in weekend notes :)


    1. she is a crazy good writer! hilarious and honest

  3. I was invited to this event but unable to attend. I'm so glad the night went well. Those appetisers look really good - love the look of the green one and it's great that Bakers Delight is now making Turkish bread. I don't mind a glass of wine with my appetisers either xx

  4. I'm so addicted to super fresh Turkish bread but I usually get it from the shop near to me in Surry Hills! I think I could eat the whole loaf :P

  5. What a fantastic event, I am so jealous :P
    Love the Mediterranean flavour, the canapés are delicious and the atmosphere looks wonderful!

    Choc Chip Uru